Ahsay Hotfixes for v8.3.2.11 (released in March 2020). Page 1

This page contains the hotfixes for Ahsay issues since the major release v8.3.2.11 in March 2020

Updated 30th June 2020

If you are experiencing any of these issues, contact us for the hotfix #27600 Backup and DIC get error “[G] Failed to determine whether CloudFileSystem{bsidx=BackupSetIndexDB … (database disk image is malformed)” #27594 The backupinfo.db file grows very large in subsequent backup jobs #27142 Replication encounters network errors and reuploading files #27027 Office 365 SharePoint backup encountered error “SQL error or missing database (cannot commit - no transaction is active)” #27484 Adding a new Predefined Destination to CBS with bucket name and then viewing an existing Predefined Destination with bucket name in the same browser session would caused bucket name changes unexpectedly #27453 Incorrect OBM version shows after upgrade to v8.3.2.162 hotfix #27139 Hyper-V checkpoints retained after interrupted backup jobs #27453 Enhancement Feature: Block running DIC of a newer version backup set on an older version OBC #25234 No checking for duplicated backup set IDs in the same backup user’s profile #27251 OBM Delete backup files encounter “Failed to delete…because it is not empty” error #26105 Standard AhsayCBS destination cannot be remove from [Free Trial Registration] settings in CBS #27440 CBS shows “Invalid input type, JSONObject[“SnmpPort”] is not an int.” warning even when SNMP service option is disabled with no port number defined #27271 OBM File backup job removed and reupload backup source folders / files containing French characters #27336 “Found more than 1 full backup file” & “No full file found for in-file delta backup files” Backup info logs were hit in backup jobs #26808 CBS generates empty key files in conf/cert folder and caused users unable to access [System Settings - Basic] page in CBS web console #27238 OBM take long time to startup shadow copy after downloaded index file from server in Hyper-V Backup set #26854 Hyper-V Restore failed with “Config files not exist” & “Failed to delete VM snapshot. Error = Object reference not set to an instance of an object” errors #27279 CBS records password change when “Save settings” is first pressed on OBC after migrating v6 users to CBS, password change alert email sent #27297 Connection to CBS is still tested when disabling a server in Redirector host #27031 When Checking Logs of the test mode prompt during DIC is running, previous DIC job log is displayed #27320 DIC were not blocked and remove all data by when empty/faulty db index were generated #27199 Unable to backup files/folders with names containing accent marks (¶) on Linux OBM #27365 Office 365 OneNote files in OneDrive cannot be backed up with error " SharePointManager is NULL" #27258 GetBackupJobProgress.do API always returns {“Status”:“OK”} even when DestinationID or BackupJobID does not exist #27326 Custom CBS logo is not applied to CBS Web console > User Group > Destination page #27146 Office 365 Onedrive backup did not move deleted folder to retention area #22594 During backup, error “java.io.IOException” stating another process has locked the file despite VSS taken #27086 Enhancement feature: Resolve Office 365 login failed issue for Office 365 accounts with SSO enabled #26053 Hyper-V 2016 Failover Cluster backup encounters “…bak NOT Found” error #26856 OBM crashed with CBTFilter.sys on Windows Server 2012 machine #26812 Hyper-V restore vhdx file does not contain files which should be backed up already in delta snapshots #24627 ProfileServiceError “[ProfileService.doGetProfile] [RuntimeException] Key already exists” occurs ocassionally in CBS web console during backup user login #27212 Enhancement feature: PDIC also check if there are missing physical block files in destination #25484 Backup sets created by AddBackupSet.do API has missing default Temporary directory value #25473 Modifying CBS “Host Name” will triggered Rebuild QNAP Client actions for all system admin accounts instead of the selected system admin account only #26961 Enahancement feature: OBM shows logs for “Getting all files which have been moved” operations #27096 Restore operation with Delta merge for OneDrive for Business Cloud File backup set stucks #27173 Some data in retention area were not properly clean up by retention policy #26627 Unable to backup files with “¶” for OBM on filesystem with ASCII encoding #26510 Unable to show the data in retention area in restore tree of NAS OBM #27170 Restore search function in Office 365 backup sets do not proper display the search result for OneDrive data #26941 Enhancement feature: In license checking for backup user creation, used license quota instead of assigned Client host limit quota would be counted #27183 Office 365 sharepoint backup stucks in between “Refresh digest” operations #26768 Enhancement Feature: A debug option “com.ahsay.afc.delta.MergeDeltaUtils.rndmech.enable” is introduced to tune the Delta Merge settings to achieve a better restore speed performance in OBC #27133 Office 365 backup encounters “Failed to get InputStream of file” error when “Block SharePoint 2013 workflows” setting is enabled in Office 365 organization #27148 Replication encounters “Error replaying %file% to destination” and “Failed to delete file” errors during Replication Replay #27059 “[FastPipedOutputStream.close] FastPipedOutputStream has been waiting for 3600 seconds.” error is seen in restore operation for Exchange Mail Level DAG backup sets #27012 Office 365 Sharepoint backup encounters " size incorrect (Expected=xxx Retrieved=0)" error #27117 Fail to create virtual disk. Error=Unknown error from class “com.vmware.vim25.InvalidRequest”’ error is seen in restore operation for VMware backup sets #27108 Missing “Default Settings” Policy Group in CBS when a corrupted Branding ROOT.json file is used to build the CBS installer #27163 “Failed to login to Office 365, incorrect username, account password or app password.” error obtained in Office 365 backup set with Office 365 organizations in “outlook.co.nz” #27100 “[CloudFileSystem.createFile] Parent directory %path_with_special_characters_with_accent% does not exist” errors occured in backup jobs #27153 OBM prompts “Invalid SID (Max 8 characters by letters or numbers)” message when restoring Oracle backup to alternate database #27082 Failed to check integrity of destination “100”. Error: “[h] [IntegrityCheck.exists] Pre- migrated files are not supported.”’ error is hit in Data Integrity Check & Backup jobs #27063 Enhancement feature: Block Backup & Restore operations in old OBM versions when the backup set has already been upgraded to later versions to avoid unexpected issues #27128 Backup to AWS S3 Compatible Storage destination encounters “sLastModified is invalid” error #26958 Log proper error messages when OBM unable to write sharedblock to destination #25619 Unable to access Sub Admin profiles in CBS web console > [System Settings - Basic] > [Administrative Access] pages via Chrome browser #27027 “SQL error or missing database (cannot commit - no transaction is active)” error is seen in backup jobs #27047 CBS will count VMware / Hyper-V license module as used even when the modules were disabled #27039 FTP Cloud File Backup jobs hit ‘Failed to list sPath="%Blocks Folder’, caused by [NullPointerException] null’ errors #26912 Enhancement feature: Performance Improvement in retention policy job #26628 Missing value validation for “Username” & “BackupSetID” in UpdateReplicationConfig.do API #25922 Missing parameter type validation for “AdminContacts” in UpdateConfig.do API #26960 Restore jobs of Exchange Mail Level MAPI backup sets hit “error MAPICaller::createFolder:JNICreatePrivateFolder ERROR=0x800B0001” #27021 PDIC runs on Amazon S3 destinations hit “[S3AWS4Manager.delete] failed in delete file … HTTP Code: 503…caused by [u] Please reduce your request rate” error #26904 “StringIndexOutOfBoundsException” error is hit when Office 365 backup job is performed to multiple destinations #27018 v1 UpdateUserProfile.do & v2 UpdateUser.do API do not work when MFA is enabled on CBS #26999 Hyper-V backup hits ‘Failed to backup virtual machine “xxxx”., Reason = "Disk “C:\Windows\system32\vmguest.iso” does not exist.’ error as unsupported non-VM disks drives #26706 “[c.S3AWS4Manager.bucketExists] Give up retry, retried 29 time(s). Error: java.net.SocketTimeoutException: Read timed out” error hit when backup to Amazon S3 destination #26937 Failed to restore Office 365 Sharepoint backup with "Reason = “Save Conflict” error due to lack of retry logic in SocketException #26944 After backup job with data migration is performed when restore wizard not closed in Linux OBM, perform DIC and restore job will hit error #26959 Incorrect temporary directory used in Office 365 backup sets and Exchange Mail Level backup sets #26378 Asynchronous backup jobs run in multiple hosts backup sets #26257 Old network userhome settings left from v6 OBS caused long CBS startup time #26864 “[IOException] Index contains entry which is not migrated: [BackupJobInfo][lInJob=0][sName=combinepdf-tool-view.js][lFileSize=4884][lOriginalFileSize=9797][byTypeCode=2][iBlockSeq=-1][iBlockStart=-1][iBlockLength=-1][bCompleted=true][bIsV6Migrated=true][bIsV6DataInV7Format=false][byFileSystemObjectType=2][sFileSystemObjectTargetPath=]” error hits in backup jobs with PDIC #26801 Enhancement Request: CBS memory tuning in Run on server backup sets #26919 “java.lang.NullPointerException” is logged in CBS console log after v8.3.2.74 hotfix applied #26966 PDF Reports do not generate properly after v8.3.2.84 hotfix applied #26792 Computer name comparison logic on Windows OBM is case sensitive, causing backup jobs not trigger properly when the name matches but cases mismatched #26872 v6 Data Migration on corrupted data hits “Failed to validate, caused by v7 block(s) is missing” error #26820 “Delta file is corrupt (Download size (xxx) is not equal to original size (yyy))” error hits while restoring delta data files #26624 Logs Data replicate once again after CBS restarts #26902 Encountered “You have exceeded your storage quota limit.” while backing up to OneDrive for Business destination #26897 v6 Data Migration issue on Linux CBS files larger than 32 MB, leading to “(Download size (xx) is not equal to original size (yy)” message in Restore #26441 Enhancement Feature: Connection Retry logic in Google Cloud Storage #26771 CBS License Check flip flop between Local IP addresses of multiple connectors causing 1012 license error #26812 Delta files backed up by Hyper-V 2016 onwards using RCT could not be backup & restore #26840 Unable to perform Granular Restore for Hyper-V backup set with Error = “[RunDirectUtils.addSegmentToSource] Failed to find backup file” after DIC with CRC is run #26676 Hit “[CloudFileSystem.createFile] Parent directory ‘XXX’ does not exist” errors in Office 365 backup jobs #26698 Hit "Error=“com.independentsoft.share.bf: Read timed out” and “Failed to upload cached index file” errors in Office 365 backup jobs #26824 Enhancement feature: Debug options available for tunning timeout values in Exchange EWS backup to tackle issue with massive “[EwsService.getItems] Retry after 60 seconds” messages seen in backup jobs #26651 Auto Update failed to unprotect file %OBM_HOME%\bin\SystemTray64.exe.protect and caused OBC unable to upgrade properly and hit Missed backup errors #26674 Remove unnecessary validate userhome checking calls to improve the retention policy running speed #26485 OBC backup with VSS encoutners “Invalid volume xxx (Shadow Copy creation is assumed)” warning #26762 Reduce the number of “List File Versions” requests generated in Backblaze when it is used as backup destination #26699 Security Enhancement: Handle Vulnerability - CVE-2020-1938 #26769 Missing retry logic with "Failed to run space freeing up of destination…“Failed to list sPath=…” error hits in Synology OBM #26819 When running backup job to multiple destinations sequencially, “RuntimeException” error may occur #26767 Enhancement Feature: Add “Copy to clipboard” button in OBC > [Backup Set Settings] > [Others] > [Encryption] > [Encryption Key] section #26715 Fail to restore MS Exchange Mail Level backup with error “[ObsManager.getInputStream] Target is not a file” #26734 File backup index migration encounters “The database disk image is malformed” error #26789 Unable to create Oracle 11g backup set with error “Command not supported(SQL)” #26035 Exchange Mail level backup encounters “MAPI_NOT_FOUND” & “ERROR_CONTENT_CONVERSION_FAILED” errors #26718 Enhancement Feature: Allow users to config the number of concurrent backup sets to run in replication #26605 Logs displayed in CBS web console > [Administration Logs] > [Activities Log] were out of order #26589 Unable to restore Share links permissions in Office 365 backup set #26658 Unable to backup subfolders / files inside a symbolic link when they are selected as the File backup source #26609 OBC Exchange Mail Level backup gets “Failed in listing sub-folders/items from path … [ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException] 8192” errors #26065 OBC File backup hits error while backing up files / folders containing special charcters between “/uFFFF/uFFFF” to “/uFFFF/uFFFF/uFFFF/uFFFF/uFFFF/uFFFF” #26583 CBS backup reports not being sent quarter hourly due to a long routine job running in the backgroud #26466 Build installers in CBS with a corrupted Branding json files result in " java.lang.NullPointerException at com.ahsay.cbs.system.config.accounts.c.a(Unknown Source)" instead of clear error messages #26659 Office 365 Backup set created by Office 365 MFA account does not work due to Refresh token format changed in Microsoft #26683 PDIC ruuning aginst Amazon S3 destination hits “[S3AWS4Manager.listFiles] Failed to list files … caused by [u] Please reduce your request rate” #26560 Replication drop back to Resync the same files over and over after hitting “[Replay] Failed to delete file” #26425 Data Migration on CBS stucks while migrating a large amount of data #26383 Error messages show incorrect tab’s value in CBS web console > [Users, Groups & Policies] > [Policy Group] > [Default Values] & [Preempted Values] sections #26401 Microsoft Office Applications takes extra time to launch on the same machine with OBC installed due to a customized system tray icon bundled in OBC #26616 False alarm error " Insufficient disk space available for temporary directory … Required free space at least: 100MB" is shown when the temporary directory is set to a partition without full access permissions #26242 When performing backup job with not enough space in default system drive, backup error “[SQLException] statement is not executing” is hit #26640 Restore delta backup jobs for Office 365 Sharepoint Sites results in "Fail to restore "Office 365/Site " errors #26548 “User will be suspeneded after X days” settings in CBS web console > [Backup / Restore - Basic] > [Free Trial Options] does not work properly #26562 Updated timezone in Java for v8 CBS & OBC were not included in the CBS AUA package #26441 Office 365 OneDrive and Personal Sites data could NOT be shown in the Restore tree when the Backup set Office 365 account has “Sharepoint Admin” role added after the initial backup #26484 Unable to list emails and files sources from Office 365 China Organizations #26585 OBM upgraded via AUA encountered "[BackupFileCmd.uploadBackupFiles][java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError] Error=[UnsatisfiedLinkError] com.ahsay.ani.util.WindowsUtil.getVolume #26576 Unable to restore Office 365 delta data with “Delta file is corrupt (Download size (“xx”) is not equal to original size (“yy”))” error #26085 “Missed Backup” records in CBS Daily User Report Email Content does not aligned with the records in the attached “DailyUserReport.html” #25641 Backup jobs failed with “Failed to run space freeing up of destination … http code: 500, java.lang.RuntimeException: Failed ReplicableManager.addMovedPath()” errors when Replication is running #26214 Support a debug option to displaying Office 365 Sharepoint Site Collections which could not be listed by ProcessQuery in Backup Source Tree #26549 Backup jobs for Office 365 backup set and Backblaze Cloud File backup set encountered “403 FORBIDDEN” errors #22326 Enhancement Feature: Support MSSQL 2019 & solved MSSQL schedule backup with warning “Database not found” issue #26498 Unable to select France country code (+33) as [Sender] in CBS web console > [System Settings - Basic] > [Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)] #26141 Unable to view Symbolic Link folders in CBS web console > [System Settings - Advanced] > [File Explorer] on Linux CBS and UBS #26250 Dropbox Cloud File Backup sets encounter "Error=[d] DropboxManager.newFolderIterator: unexpected HTTP status code: 504: {“error”: “Internal Server Error”} , caused by [BadResponseCodeException] unexpected HTTP status code: 504: {“error”: “Internal Server Error”} " during backup #26384 Data Migration for large index files failed with “[NullPointerException] null” & “[BackupSetIndexDB.getBfsBbdDB] [SQLITE_CORRUPT] The database disk image is malformed (database disk image is malformed)” errors #26007 OpenStack token refresh job hits “[OpenStackCredentials$V3.refreshAccessToken] Failed: HTTP error code: 500, error message: {“error”: {“message”: “An unexpected error prevented the server from fulfilling your request.”, “code”: 500, “title”: “Internal Server Error”}}” errors #26099 OpenStack Cloud File Backup sets hit “[RuntimeException] [FileAttributeIterator.checkLoaded] Failed to load sPath …

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” & "This server could not verify that you are authorized to access the document you requested. " errors #26120 Enhance the block data size validation logic for uploading backup data to Dropbox destination #25608 Backup Source listing expand improperly & Backup jobs return “[StackOverflowError] null” for file/folder names containing “;” in S3 Compatible Clouds (e.g. Wasabi, CTYun) #26463 When performing VMware backup to 2 destinations, OBM crashed when backup the same segment for 2nd time #25407 When attempting to delete files in destination, unexpected exception “Target path does not exist … (HTTP code 404 itemNotFound: The resource could not be found.)” occasionally occurred #26327 OBM Restore jobs failed with “[erro] [Restorer.run] Path=… Throwable= [IndexOutOfBoundsException] null” for backup sets with encryption settings changed in between