BOBcloud online backup change log (v8.1.1.50 Ahsay)

This changelog has been superseded by this version - BOBcloud online backup change log (v8.3.0.30 Ahsay)

Ahsay™ Cloud Backup Suite, v8.1.1.50 (07-May-2019)

AhsayOBM is a server OS
AhsayACB is a desktop OS

You are recommended to upgrade to this version if the enhancements or the bug fixes listed below are beneficial to you. Otherwise, you may stay with your current version.

Limitations / Known issues in this version

Backup / Restore
AhsayOBM cannot backup SQL databases with special characters when in ODBC mode.

‘Best effort support’ is provided for Windows XP and Windows 2003 in v8.
For more information on supported systems, please refer to our Software Compatibility List.

This release will contain the major features listed below

AhsayOBM / AhsayACB

Application specific backup
Enhancement - Better memory tuning when backing up large backup data (multiple site collections / personal site / OneDrive) for Office365 backup sets (ref: T-23169)
Enhancement - Skip backup subsite which is restored from other backup software with invalid data (ref: T-23202)
Enhancement - Support backup and restore > 5000 physical files in “All Files” for Office 365 backup (ref: T-23203)
Enhancement - Support backup and restore of list item attachments when list items have over 5000 attachments (ref: T-23270)
Enhancement - Office 365 backup performance tuning when backing up large data sets (multiple site collections / personal site / OneDrive) (ref: T-23218)
Enhancement - Office 365 restore performance listing file in index (ref: T-23349)
Enhancement - Office 365 restore performance on restoring outlook mail items (ref: T-23319 )
Enhancement - Office 365 restore performance on large OneDrive and Document Library directories (ref: T-23322)
Enhancement - Adjust the number of threads for backing up mailboxes / site collections concurrently base on CPU and memory usage automatically for O365 backup (ref: AMY-979-31876, T-23411)
Enhancement - Check site collection existence when restoring Site Collection to Original in GUI and restore
job (ref: MWY-175-74275, T-23224)
Enhancement - Update EV cert of OBC for signing drivers (ref: T-23191)

Bug fix - Backup speed of Office365 backup sets with OneDrive files is much slower in v8 than in v7 (ref: ZND-460-92809, T-23122)
Bug fix - Fail to run Office 365 backup with error “Failed to login to cloud service with the credentials provided” when there are invalid mailboxes (ref: TQP-373-91682, TUI-366-49008, T-23107)
Bug fix - The Office 365 backup will select Public Folder as backup source after upgraded CBS to v8 (ref: VHX-341-75969, FAO-711-73625, T-23113)
Bug fix - When performing backup on multiple Office365 user accounts, java.util.ConcurrentModificationException error is hit (ref: T-23115)
Bug fix - Office 365 mailbox backup on v8 is much slower than on v7 for the same set of backup source when there are exactly 50 items in a folder (ref: AGN-191-22459, T-23136)
Bug fix - When backing up 1 item in a directory with many items, backup time is similar to backing up the whole directory for Office 365 backup (ref: T-23160)
Bug fix - Office 365 backup takes a long time on deleting temporary files and seems to be stuck (ref: YCX-796-47741, T-23228)
Bug fix - Office 365 backup job is too slow when there is exactly 50 items in a folder (ref: HIQ-116-12763, T-23243)
Bug fix - Office 365 backup set only restore the structure of the folders are restored but not the files within for files because the filesize is larger than 25MB (ref: LEV-361-45827, T-23264)
Bug fix - Office 365 Scheduled backup missed with “There are no files selected in backup set ‘%backupset_name%’” error but Manual backup works fine (ref: DIA-226-52551, MFV-875-70244, T-23382)
Bug fix - Fail to run Office365 backup with error “Fail to resolve dependency path” (ref: YKB-539-68873, T-23398)
Bug fix - Fail to run Office365 backup with error “Fail to resolve dependency path …, Reason = “[Util.Url.getAbsoluteUrl] Invalid relative url …”” (ref: LBZ-587-33655, ENN-530-11872, T-23409)
Bug fix - Fail to start schedule job of Windows System Backup (ref: QEP-742-54657, T-22588)
Bug fix - Restoration of VM using “Run Direct” failed due to “Session not found” (ref: T-22820)
Auto upgrade agent. Service Provider service only.
Bug fix - Fail to upgrade the client application via AUA feature because some of the files are locked by another process (ref: QBE-739-83579, T-23249)
Bug fix - OBM UI & Service could not be started “Error 1067: The process terminated unexpectedly” after upgraded to v8.1.0.50, causes backup not working (ref: VRX-394-40311, T-23286)
Bug fix - Office application slowness and screen flickering after AhsayACB installed (ref: VLS-805-40430, ITZ-205-44053, SOW-380-20119, VUA-649-72676, T-23361)

Bug fix - Correction on Spanish translation (ref: JAF-978-55812, T-23220)

Backup Destination
Now supporting Wasabi as a backup destination

Ahsay™ Cloud Backup Suite, v8.1.0.50 (released 20th February 2019)

AhsayOBM is a server OS
AhsayACB is a desktop OS

This version is only available for new accounts created after 20th February 2019.
We will upgrade our v7 clusters after further testing.

AhsayOBM / AhsayACB

Features and enhancements
New feature (backup and restore): Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint
New feature (backup and restore): Exchange Server 2019 (Server Level)
New feature (backup and restore): Support Hyper-V 2019
New feature (backup and restore): VMware vCenter 6.7
New feature (backup and restore): VMware ESXi 6.7
New feature (backup and restore): VMware Workstation 15 Pro / Player
New feature (backup and restore): VMware Fusion 11 Pro / Fusion 11
New feature (backup and restore): Outlook 2019

Enhancement: Allow admin to backup all users’ OneDrive data with one backup set
Enhancement: Support backup of VM with unselected “Mapped Raw LUN” disk
Enhancement: Search Filter for Office 365 Exchange mail restore
Enhancement: Better handling for the temp directory of CBT log file for Hyper-V backup set
Enhancement: Support Office 365 backup set restore from organisation to organisation (i.e. another access info)
Enhancement: Improve the loading speed for the backup source page of Office365 backup set
Enhancement: Upgrade bundled JVM to OpenJDK 8 Enhancement - Support of QNAP TS-451
Enhancement: Support OF Synology NAS DS119j
Enhancement: Check Python installed (with required version) during installation of Synology OBM
Enhancement: Changed to bundle OpenJDK JVM for QNAP OBM
Enhancement: Support of macOS Mojave 10.14
Enhancement: Verify CRC for delta merge file after restore

Bug Fixes

Failure to backup large emails with a size (~90 MB or larger) for Exchange 2016 Mail backup set and Office365 backup set

Failure to backup file from Google drive
After restoring folders with Unicode on OneDrive / OneDrive for Business Cloud File, the restored folder names become garbled text

Show “[CloudException.ConnectFailedExpt] [SFtpManager.login] Failed to access SFTP” when OBM is not able to ESXi Server via SSH to perform restore job for VMware Backup Set

Hyper-V cluster backup gets “Integrity check has been interrupted” warnings

When “MAPI_E_NOT_FOUND” is encountered, it is logged as info message instead of warning message as in v7.17

MSSQL Backup wrongly flagging database doesn’t exist in source/not being selected in source as “does not exist” and skip backing them up

Exchange Mail level backup encounters “E-mail Account Not Available” / “ERROR=MAPI_E_FAILONEPROVIDER” warning

Exchange Mail level backup encounters an error when backing up folder name with “”

Fail to merge and remove the checkpoint once the backup process is completed (Hyper-V Backup set)

“[RuntimeException] [OneDrive4BizManager.getAppName] Invalid ClientId …” error is shown when having scheduled backup to OneDriveForBusiness

MSSQL Backup wrongly flagging database doesn’t exist and not selected in the source as “does not exist” and skip backing them up

“Failed to enable RCT” warning is kept logged in the subsequent backup after deleted VM snapshot in CBK Hyper-V 2016 backup set

Hyper-V 2008 R2 Cluster hit “Unable to generate delta using CBT…log files do not match the number of virtual machine’s preferred owners.”

“Failed to verify CRC for BackupSet…” error is logged when running DIC of Hyper-V 2008 R2 Cluster Backup Set

Exchange DAG backup crash and remained in “In Progress” status after applying the unofficial hotfix

Exchange Mail 2016 - Unable to restore mail with large size (~89 MB or larger) with [ServiceException] response code = 415

Exchange 2016 Mailbox backup got incorrect Retention size occasionally after backup

“[BlockDB.delete] Failed to remove element from bptree … not found for CalculateMoveFileValue” is shown in Office365 backup

Backup failure when filename contain emoji on Mac OSX

Backup stuck when VSS shadows were not totally deleted before the backup started

File backup gets [CloudBasic.backupFile] Unexpected concurrent use of SharedBlockOutputStream detected … errors

When there is error occurred in a manual backup, the “Running” IPC file is not removed, causing backup jobs cannot be started afterwards.

“[IOException] The service cannot be started, either because it is disabled or because it has no enabled devices … (Error code=1058)” is shown when performing file backup

Backups after migration has “File size incorrect” error and re-uploading them

File backup fails with “Failed to log start backup” unless reboot CBS server before starting backup

OBM does not recognise the Slovenian/Hebrew characters

FileSysUtilSosX64 error in backup job of Solaris 11 x64

Default Values “Encryption Key - User Password” get reset to 44 digit random key when Encryption GUI are hidden

User relogin OBC fail to reload user’s latest policy settings and need to relogin second time to get the updated policy settings

Hyper-V license violation after backup set removal and service restart

NAS / Synology OBM / QNAP OBM

File backup fails on Synology DS418j with “ObsManager: Invalid Padding length: XX …” errors

QNAP NAS (non-Intel) backup stopped with warning “JVM Royalty module is not enabled. No file can be backed up”

OBM backup always get “Unable to generate Delta File” errors on Synology DS418

Synology OBM client ignores group policy setting for hiding encryption recovery tab

After creating a backup set with no encryption on Synology OBM, cannot perform backup and UI will be broken

When performing a backup on some QNAP NAS machines, backup stopped with error “JVM Royalty module is not enabled”

“Details ([1501037787023] [Delta File]… 2% of “XXX”) of uploaded delta file” in client log should also be shown in the CBS PDF Report

Restore / Decrypt

File Restore Failure with error “Unexpected IOException, error=[ObsManager.getInputStream] Target is not a file”

OBM crashes when trying to restore corrupted file permission data to the restore file for Hyper-V Backup set


Enhancement - Support of new languages (Russian, Vietnamese, Indonesian and Thai)