BOBcloud online backup change log (v8.3.6.30)

Last updated 27th October 2020

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This article relates to the software we use [Ahsay]

OS’ and databases supported Link
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AhsayOBM is a server OS
AhsayACB is a desktop OS

Ahsay™ Cloud Backup Suite, v8.3.6.30 (released 15th October 2020)

Changes and enhancements

Backup agent Operating Systems

  • Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
  • MacOS Catalina (10.15) (Release date: 7/10/2019)

Office 365

  • App-Registration Support - Modern Authentication on Global Region
  • Performance Enhancement - Support the use of Microsoft’s ChangeKey API (Graph) to enhance listing for Incremental Backup Jobs
  • Provide schedule options to run “Data Synchronization Check”
  • Allow selecting multiple items by shift + one-click in Office 365 Backup Source Selection
  • App-Registration Support - Modern Authentication on Global Region


  • Better handling of Error & Debug message for VMware Backupset
  • Support for vCenter Server / ESXi 7.0

MS Exchange

  • Add an option to show all users in MS Mail-level 2013 or above EWS mode backup


  • Support for MSSQL 2019

File backup

  • Support Periodic Schedule Backup for all Backupset types in OBM/ACB
  • Support selecting UNC path as the backup source without prior mapping with a drive letter

Synology / QNAP

  • Support for Daily, Monthly and Custom Backup Schedules

Other application-specific backups

None in this update

Backup destinations added

None in this update

Index updates

None in this update

User experiences

None in this update

Bug Fixes

Restore / Decrypt

  • Server: Hyper-V Granular Restore Error = ”[RunDirectUtils.addSegmentToSource] Failed to find backup file
  • Server: Restore Error, “Delta file is corrupt (Download size (“xx”) is not equal to original size (“yy”)) on Office 365 restore job
  • Server: Exchange Server Restore Error, No .edb file available on Restore GUI
  • Server: Exchange Mail Level restore fails due to “Target is not a file” error caused by missing bak file
  • Server: Restore from MSSQL 2019 does not show database for some backup jobs
  • Server: Handle network issue that downloaded file size NOT match with that in index, OBM will keep retry downloading the block file until user interrupt
  • Server: Fail to restore File with error “[ObsManager.getInputStream] Target is not a file”
  • Server: Virtual disk of VM machine is inaccessible after restore (Hyper-V backup set)
  • Server: Hyper-V Run Direct Restore takes unexpectedly long time for the restore and no VM is started yet


  • Server: O365 client backup has a missing site in the source list, CBS shows incorrect O365 credentials prompt when trying to modify Backupset settings
  • Server: O365 China cannot list emails/files from source with sufficient permission granted
  • Server: After backup SharePoint site with delta TWICE, restore error “Fail to restore “Office 365/Site ” is hit
  • Server: “NullPointerException” Error when performing Incremental Backup with Source Changes
  • Server: When Office 365 backup job is performed to Local and S3, hit error stringIndexOutOfBoundsException & crashes on S3
  • Server: When Site Collection URL contains special character, it cannot be listed on Source Tree
  • Server: Office 365 Run on Server Backup cannot start by manual or schedule after upgraded to CBS v8.3.4.42
  • Server: “Backup source does not exist” warning even backed up Office 365 account’s data
  • Server: “Failed to list failed to respond” error after upgrade
  • Server: Office 365 Backupsets counts additional license for users who changed mailboxes to another domain

File backup

  • Server: Backup Error, File=”%FilePath%\Ufffd\Ufffdש ק\Ufffd\Ufffdש\Ufffd \Ufffdצ צUfffd…File New[10120=Version][BackupFile ([as already exists
  • Server: Backup recognises files/folders with accent marks in the filename as “does not exist” on Linux platform
  • Server: Backup Error, [CloudFileSystem.createFile] Parent directory %path_with_special_characters_with_accent% does not exist errors
  • Server: Backup Error, Failed to list sPath=”%Blocks Folder’, caused by [NullPointerException] null
  • Server: Backup stuck at Delete File Directory for Fresh installed OBM in macOS
  • Server: Backup Files without File Permissions does not work
  • Server: File Backupset PDIC after migration failed due to “[NullPointerException] null” error
  • Server: File backup removed all data by DIC due to backup job failed and empty/faulty db index generated
  • Server: “Found more than 1 full backup file” & “No full file found for in-file delta backup files” hit in backup jobs

Cloud File

  • List item
  • Cloud File backupset could not show files of the Google Cloud Storage in the backup source


  • Server: When performing VMware backup to 2 destinations, OBM crashed when backup the same segment for 2nd time


  • Server: Hyper-V backup got snapshot retained after backup
  • Server: Hyper-V Server 2019 Failed to backup virtual machine “xxxx”., Reason = “Disk “C:\Windows\system32\vmguest.iso” does not exist.”
  • Server: Hyper-V 2016 Failover Cluster backup encounters ”…bak NOT Found” error

MS Exchange Mail

  • Server: Mail-level backup gets Failed in listing sub-folders/items from path … [ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException] 8192 errors
  • Server: Exchange EWS backup get massive [EwsService.getItems] Retry after 60 seconds messages and the jobs are stuck
  • Server: “NullPointerException” Error when performing Incremental Backup with Source Changes
  • Server: Error = “Failed to login to cloud service with the credentials provided.” when Username in Backupset Setting is not the primary SMTP address of the mailbox


  • Server: Backup Error, “Required file %File_Path% for database is missing

Synology / QNAP

  • Server: OBM prompts Internal Server Error when opening on QNAP TS-251+
  • Server: When creating Backupsets with fixed-time schedule enabled, failed to create Backupset
  • Server: LocationType is NOT shown when creating standard GCS destination in NAS OBM
  • Server: Upon creating a trial user in OBM login page, and upon clicking Show advanced option link, it is not responding