BOBcloud payment assistance 2020

BOBcloud payment assistance 2020 overview

In response to reseller discussions, we are offering payment assistance from the 1st April for 3 x monthly invoices.
This period will be reviewed 10 weeks in.

You must apply for the assistance using the link below.

You can apply if you are using any online backup, service provider or large data service, and regardless if you are on a monthly or annual billing cycle.


No FileSync services will be invoiced during this period. The service will be free regardless of how much data you have stored with us. SLAs remain unchanged.

How it will work

We will invoice you as normal for your monthly usage in arrears.
We will take 50% of the payment through your usual payment methods.

When the payment assistance period ends, we will request the balancing payments in 3 monthly invoices. This period will be increased in line with the length of the payment assistance period.

We understand that every one of your customers’ needs will be different and we are open to other discussions during this time.

How to apply

Using your master account, contact us via the Billing department link in our helpdesk -