BOBcloud price changes - effective 1st Jan 2020

These price changes will be effective on your invoice sent in January 2020.

License price changes

Base server increases from £6.50 to £7
Office 365 increases from £0.85 to £0.95


We will be removing the 20GB free Azure quota on each account instead of increasing the price.

If you want a lower storage price, you can use our Wasabi connector (£0.02 per GB), or connect to your own storage account.
We support more than 40 third party or cloud providers in every country which you can use as a storage destination.
Azure, AWS, and Wasabi are the most common destinations used by resellers.

You can check the revised pricing and email yourself a quote from here

Backup accounts with specific price breaks are unaffected by these price increases.

If you pay in a currency other than £, we will be sending you another email in December.