Business getting started

Getting started with BOBcloud

After creating your account on our portal @ and installing our software on the device(s) you want to protect, you are ready to log in.

  1. When the splash screen loads, click on Login and not Free Trial


  1. Enter the login details of the account you just created in the portal. We recommend you DON’T tick the save password box. This will prevent someone else automatically logging into your account and modifying your settings or deleting your backup sets and data.


  1. The software will connect to the backup cluster after 3 - 5 seconds.

  2. Now logged in, you will see this screen.

  1. Click on the Backup Sets tile


  1. The Business service allows you to backup data stored locally on your device, USB drives, network devices and data stored in the cloud.
    We are going to do a basic local file backup.

  2. Add a new backup set


  1. Keep the default File Backup option and rename the backup set if you want to.


  1. The backup set is pre-configured to backup your data. This can be deselected and you can browse your device to backup other data.


  1. After clicking I would like to choose the files to backup, the Windows navigation screen will open and you can select the files and folders you want to backup.

At the bottom left is an option to connect to a network device using a UNC path.

  1. After confirming your backup source, the next screen is the schedule. Each backup set is configured to run @ 20:00, and you can change this.


  1. The Destination screen will show our storage location set as the default. You can keep this if you want us to store your data, or remove it and add your own storage destination.


Click on Add if you want to store the data on this backup set to multiple destinations.

  1. If you want to remove our storage destination, simply double-click on it, and then click on Delete this storage destination in the bottom left of the screen.

  1. The final screen is probably the most important because it contains your encryption password. The system is configured to use the same encryption password you used when you created this backup account (User password). We recommend you don’t change this.


You can also choose Custom and enter your own password.

** NOTE: Whichever option you select, your encryption password is never transmitted to us. We can never recover or reset your encryption password. If you lose it, you cannot restore your data.

  1. Click on the backup button.