How cloud storage backup can protect you from Ransomware

What Is Ransomware?

Ransomware refers to malicious software that infects your computer and encrypts files on PCs, networks, and even servers. Victims of this type of attack can either regain access to all the encrypted files by paying the demanded ransom to the criminals behind the ransomware attack or restore the latest backups of the files and hope a lot of data isn’t lost.

How Ransomware Works?

Ransomware can enter a system in many different ways, one of the most popular methods is a download using an attachment in a spam email. Other methods that are frequently used include social engineering (tricking someone into taking a certain action), download malicious software from the internet, clicking on fake advertisements online, clicking links in chat messages, and inserting infected removable USB drives into a system.

Once the malicious software is downloaded, it takes over the victim’s computer. The common type of attack from ransomware involves the encryption of files and documents on the system. The encrypted files cannot be decrypted without the decryption key that only the attacker knows. A message is displayed informing the victim that their files have been encrypted and will be decrypted once the specified amount has been paid to the attacker.

How Cloud Storage Backup Services Can Help You Recover Your Data After A Ransomware Attack?

While the most effective method to protect yourself again a ransomware attack is to ensure it isn’t downloaded and installed on your computer by avoiding sketchy emails, messages, and websites, you could still be a victim of a ransomware attack. So, the next best thing is to take precautions to help you recover quickly after a ransomware attack.

While there are various methods to recover encrypted files that were caused by a ransomware attack, this section will go through how you use a cloud storage backup service to recover your data after a ransomware attack.

Restoring your data from a backup is one of the fastest methods to recover your data after a ransomware attack. Having a clean backup that can restore the data will be a lifesaver as there is no guarantee that the attackers will hand over the decryption key after you have made the payment. This method is the best defence against this type of attack as it is reliable, cheaper, and you will not need to pay the cybercriminals anything.

Why Cloud Storage Backup Services Are Essential

You could backup your data on-site regularly and ensure that all the equipment goes through frequent and thorough maintenance, however, you could lose important data if there is some sort of accident such as a pipe bursting and water spilling on the servers that are storing the backups. Storing data locally is only one part of the process, if you really want to protect yourself and all the valuable and sensitive data, then you need to have a cloud storage backup.

In order to truly protect your data and be able to recover it with ease in any situation such as after a ransomware attack, you need to move it to the cloud. With a cloud storage backup service, you can transfer data regularly off-site in a short period which can then be restored to the point right before the ransomware attack or whatever other issues have occurred.

What Are The Benefits Of Cloud Storage Backup Services?

There are many benefits to using a cloud storage backup over the traditional methods of storage. If you still have doubts about delving into the cloud to protect sensitive data, then here are some key benefits that you will receive.

  • Backup data off-site and safeguard it against various threats and disasters.
  • Some services provide data protection and monitor for indicators of ransomware activity.
  • You can quickly restore the backed up data which is on the cloud to on-site computers. This will let you regain access to ransomed data almost immediately and allow you to continue working. You are offered guaranteed data recovery and you can minimize the risk and cost of downtime.
  • Cloud storage is flexible and can be instantly scaled up or down depending on your needs. This is superior to traditional methods such as storing on physical drives which are limited in what they are capable of.
  • Cloud storage backup services offer different tiers, and you can select the most appropriate one. The tiers are differentiated by factors such as how much storage you will need, how frequently you backup data, and how long the data will be backed up for. This will help save costs and be the better method of storage for long-term data protection.
  • Data encryption is supported so data can remain safe and protect while it is stored in the cloud. The encryption takes place before the data is sent to the cloud and is usually referred to as end-to-end encryption.


The advantages of using a cloud storage backup service to recover your data after a ransomware attack or other disasters completely outweigh the disadvantages. Cloud storage has become more popular in recent times and services are continuing to improve in order to better accommodate the needs of customers such as large and small organisations, and even individuals. There are so many cloud storage services available, so finding one that best meets your needs will be a simple task, and getting set up will take no time at all. If you want to recover from ransomware attacks instantly and not worry about the negative impact that such attacks could have, then it’s time to backup your data to the cloud today and take data protection and recovery into your own hands.