How do I change the encryption password for my backups?


I’m in a bit of a panic mode here. My laptop got hacked, and I’m afraid my backup data might be compromised too. I want to change the encryption password for my backups to make sure my data is secure.

Can anyone help me out?



Encryption passwords are created when the backup set is created and can never be changed or restored on our platform. This is for security reasons to prevent a third party from changing the encryption passwords and holding you to ransom.

If you haven’t contacted Support, please do so now so we can work on this with you. We will still help you if your account is free or on trial.

More about this:
Your encryption passwords never leave your system. This is for security reasons, so your data can never be compromised during transit or at rest. If you are unsure what your encryption passwords are, you can read them off a healthy system, as shown in this tech doc

If you believe your laptop has been accessed and your encryption passwords have been read off the system, there are some extra measures you can take.

The best fix for this issue is:

  1. Contact us to change the login password for the affected backup account.
  2. Recreate the affected backup sets with different encryption passwords. These will be the same as the login password you selected in step one. You can override this and select your own encryption passwords if you prefer.

These tips will help you harden your BOBcloud backups:

  1. Edit the whitelist of allowed restore IP addresses. This will prevent any data from being restored to devices other than those on the allowed IP address list.
  2. Prevent the UI console from automatically logging into your account. This will prevent anyone accessing your devices from editing the backup sets or reading your encryption passwords. They cannot do anything to your account or data.