Migration process

Server migration

This tech doc is for customers we are migrating between servers. Don’t use this doc unless we have asked you to do so.

Pre-migration process

  1. Before the migration starts, you need to run an index repair on your live data.

This process runs once every month. Doing it now will reduce the migration time.

This tech doc explains how to run the validation check. It should complete without error in the first 3 steps https://forum.bobcloud.net/t/how-to-run-a-validation-data-integrity-check-on-ahsay-v8/473

Let us know when this has been done and if there are any errors.

  1. Check you know your encryption passwords. You will be asked to enter these when your account connects to the new cluster.

Post-migration process after your data has been moved to the new cluster

  1. Close the backup software on your device

  2. Rename this folder. It is important to retain this folder and not delete it
    If using Server, rename c:\users\username\ .obm
    If using Desktop, rename c:\users\username\ .acb

  3. Download the server or desktop software (you must install the same version you were using before) Download link https://b23.data-stor.net/cbs/system/ShowDownload.do

  4. Install the software and accept all messages. It will detect your existing installation and re-install the software again with the new cluster’s details.

  5. Open the backup software and login as usual. You will be prompted to re-enter the encryption passwords.

  6. Immediately rerun the validation job shown here How to run a validation \ data integrity check on Ahsay v8 This must be done before the scheduled backups start.

  7. Run the backup(s) and let us know if you require assistance.