Missed backup causes on version 7 (AhsayOBM and AhsayACB)



There are lots of reasons why scheduled backups can be missed. Desktops and laptops suffer from this problem more than servers. This is mainly because servers run 24 x 7 and are less likely to be interfered with.


The main causes for missed backups are the power saving mode shutting down the PC during a backup schedule, an account password has been changed on the Windows scheduler service or the Windows scheduler service has been shut down.

Hard and obvious errors such as someone removing the backup software.

The main cause is a device being powered off when the backup is scheduled to run.

The Windows scheduler service has been shut down or won’t start.


Windows scheduler service on all Windows devices

Click on the Windows Start button in the bottom left of the screen and click on run. Type in services.msc* and this will open the Windows services controls.
You can also navigate through the start button menus to get there if you prefer.


Check the Windows service Desktop Services is running. If it is running, restart it to refresh the settings.

Check the Windows service Server Services is running. If it is running, restart it to refresh the settings.

If there are any issues with the service account, the causes will be shown after you restart the service. You can then debug further.

Device not turned on

Mobile staff travelling and working in different time zones will need to have multiple backup schedules set if the system admin wants to force a backup and not reply on users remembering to do so.

There are a few ways to overcome this.

Create a backup schedule to run every 4 hours.

Enable Continuous Backup. We recommend the device has plenty of resources and ideally an SSD disk. Slower and older devices will see some performance issues when using Continuous Backup.

It is also possible to force a backup reminder during logoff.


It is quite easy to check why a backup is being missed or is being prevented from running by a hard error.

Log locations
The default installation paths are:
Server: c:\users\username\ .obm
Desktop: c:\users\username\ .acb

Schedule doesn’t run
The reason will be shown in c:\users\username\ .obm\log\Scheduler\debug.log (the previous 9 days of logs are also shown in here)

Backup has a hard error
The reason will be shown in c:\users\username\ .obm\log\backup-job-id\Backup

If you can’t resolve the issue, send us the entire .acb or .obm folder so we can check further.

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