Reseller portal change log (


Change log for the reseller portal

Week ending 27-09-2019
No changes this week

Week ending 20-09-2019
No changes this week

Week ending 13-09-2019
No changes this week

Week ending 06-09-2019
Bug fix: Resolved an issue producing total storage usage figures on the destination list (Ahsay v7+).

Week ending 30-08-2019
Bug fix: Resolved an issue preventing style tags from being viewed or modified after initial save in the raw HTML template editor.
Bug fix: Resolved an issue causing incorrect display of device usage in some cases (Ahsay).
Bug fix: Resolved an issue preventing users from updating the operator ticket summary scheduled send time in some cases.
Enhancement: Added billing macros for device usage/quota and client types.
Enhancement: Customer list columns for module usage (Ahsay).
Visual enhancements for the price plan editor.

Week ending 23-08-2019
Enhancement: Log usage of the backupset revert action to the system notifications log (Ahsay v7+).
Bug fix: Resolved an issue with VM rename (Hyper-V).

Week ending 16-08-2019
Enhancement: Expanded contextual information to clarify functionality when using the backupset ‘Revert’ action (Ahsay v7+).
Enhancement: Archive a copy of the current configuration when reverting a backupset’s configuration to a previous state (Ahsay v7+).

Week ending 09-08-2019
Bug fix: Resolved an issue causing accounts on removed cores to persist (AppAssure).
Bug fix: Resolved an issue causing language used in customer reports to default to the main portal brandset language in all cases (Ahsay).

Week ending 02-08-2019
Enhancement: Hide destinations without any data being stored (Ahsay v7.15.6.38+).
Bug fix: Re-enabled some blocked backupset options following server update addressing API issues with these (Ahsay v8).
Bug fix: Resolved an issue blocking quota changes for unused destination types (Ahsay v7.15.6.38+).

Week ending 26-07-2019
Enhancement: Customer contact details for the protected items / backupsets monitoring pages (Comet/Ahsay).
Enhancement: Customer contact information for protected item / backupset views (Comet / Ahsay).

Week ending 19-07-2019
Bug fix: Resolved an issue causing System Settings changes to fail in rare cases.
Bug fix: Resolved an issue leading to cascading synchronisation failures for some customers.
Bug fix: Resolved content rendering issues in several areas affecting users with low-resolution devices.
Removed Windows XP from the list of supported platforms for client downloads (Ahsay).
Terminology improvements.

Week ending 12-07-2019
Internal development.

Week ending 05-07-2019
Bug fix: Resolved an issue causing connective searches to return empty result sets in event handler context.
Visual enhancements to better communicate non-interactivity of disabled inputs.

Week ending 28-06-2019
Bug fix: Resolved a cookie issue preventing some users from logging into the portal until their browser cookie cache has been cleared.
Internal infrastructure improvements.

Week ending 21-06-2019
Feature: Relative change detection (increase/decrease/any) for event handler triggers responding to permanent quota changes (Ahsay).
Bug fix: Resolved an issue causing white-label rebranding to fail for one tooltip (Ahsay).
Bug fix: Resolved an issue causing the customer Stats view to fail to load (Ahsay v7+).
Visual/layout improvements for backupset items (Ahsay).

Week ending 14-06-2019
Bug fix: Addressed some browser-specific issues causing some fields to be auto-filled incorrectly.
Bug fix: Addressed some issues causing system settings changes to be blocked in some contexts.
Improved session security.

Week ending 07-06-2019
Feature: CSV export capability for the ‘Manage System Users’ page.

Week ending 31-05-2019
Internal infrastructure improvements.

Week ending 24-05-2019
Enhancement: Unified quota macro for email templates supporting both single-quota and multi-quota configurations (Ahsay).
Bug fix: Resolved visual issue causing some information to be hidden in the text template editor.
Bug fix: Resolved issue causing some quotas to not be displayed (Ahsay v7.15.6.38+).
Bug fix: Resolved issue causing disabled quotas to be displayed in some cases (Ahsay v7.15.6.38+).
Removed confusing contextual information from the system settings ‘Custom modules’ page.

Week ending 17-05-2019
No changes this week

Week ending 10-05-2019
Enhancement: More useful feedback when changes cannot be saved in the backupset editor (Ahsay v7+).
Bug fix: Addressed source of page-load failures in rare situations.
Bug fix: Resolved an issue affecting multi-stage event handler linkage (Hyper-V).

Week ending 03-05-2019
Bug fix: Resolved an issue affecting backupset type search filters (Ahsay).
Improved resilience to unreliable server connection issues when saving backupset changes (Ahsay v7+).

Week ending 26-04-2019
Enhancement: Backupset editor support for the customer portal (Ahsay v7.15.6.38+).
Bug fix: Resolved an issue causing a lack of useful feedback when unable to save backup account changes due to a server connection issue (Ahsay).

Week ending 19-04-2019
Enhancement: Allow quota groups to be created / assigned in bulk (Ahsay v6).
Enhancement: Support for JSON formatted output from the API.
Bug fix: Resolved an issue causing graph keys to not be rendered in some contexts.
Bug fix: Resolved an issue affecting v7 backupset configuration at the time of first detection.

Week ending 12-04-2019
Bug fix: Addressed some API quirks of older server versions when saving changes in the backupset editor (Ahsay v7-v7.15.6.38).
Bug fix: Resolved an issue causing some backupsets with no job history to not be flagged as such (Ahsay).
Bug fix: Resolved an issue causing visual rendering issues for usage history graphs.

Week ending 05-04-2019
Enhancement: Improved the accuracy and usefulness of quota values shown in account-level summaries under multi-destination/multi-quota scenarios (Ahsay v7+).
Bug fix: Resolved some issues affecting quota changes (Ahsay v7+).

Week ending 29-03-2019
Enhancement: Re-synchronise account and backupset details after applying backupset changes to allow for immediate reflection (Ahsay v7+).
Enhancement: Flag servers with sync disabled on the Manage Servers page.
Enhancement: Read-only backupset report recipients view for users with insufficient permissions to make changes (Ahsay v7+).
Bug fix: Resolved issue causing encryption keys to be incorrectly interpreted in the backupset editor (Ahsay v7+).
Bug fix: Resolved an issue blocking some users from updating backupset report recipients despite having permissions to do so (Ahsay v7+).
Bug fix: Reduced sources of background API error noise (Ahsay).
Reliability improvements for the backupset editor (Ahsay v7+).

Week ending 22-03-2019
Bug fix: Resolved several issues causing save actions to fail in the backupset editor (Ahsay v7+).
Bug fix: Address some instances of incorrectly worded settings (Ahsay).
Bug fix: Address some edge-cases preventing ‘Backup now’ requests from succeeding (Ahsay v7+).
Internal development.

Week ending 15-03-2019
Feature: Backupset delete action restored (now located in the backupset actions area) (Ahsay v7+).
Enhancement: Reduced reliance on older APIs (most API errors being generated in the CBS log should now be resolved) (Ahsay v7+).
Enhancement: Improve consistency and efficiency for backupset statistics calculation (Ahsay v7+).
Enhancement: Additional context for some error messages to assist in the identification and reporting of issues.
Enhancement: Optimisations to improve page load efficiency for some pages.
Enhancement: Cosmetic improvements.
Enhancement: Interface tweaks to better communicate functionality for archived backupset state perusal/reversion (Ahsay v7+).
Bug fix: Resolved issues with search filters and columns relating to in file delta and delta merge on the backupsets page (Ahsay).
Bug fix: Resolved issues with search filter for scheduler status on the backupsets page (Ahsay v7+).
Bug fix: Resolved issues with the synchronisation of backupsets (Ahsay v7+).
Bug fix: Resolved a cosmetic issue with the status colour used when displaying consecutive status counts for backupsets (Ahsay).
Bug fix: Resolved an issue causing the legacy backupset editor to be displayed for backupsets in rare situations (Ahsay v7+).
Bug fix: Addressed additional issues experienced when attempting to remotely execute backup jobs (Ahsay v7+).

Week ending 08-03-2019
Feature: New backupset editor (Ahsay v7+).
Feature: Browse and recover archived copies of prior backupset states (Ahsay v7+).
Enhancement: Internal efficiency improvements.
Enhancement: Reduced reliance on older APIs (Ahsay v7+).
Bug fix: Resolved some issues with the ‘Backup now’ action (Ahsay v7+).
Bug fix: Fixed missing reseller assignment options for sub-resellers with ownership of lower-level offices.
Bug fix: Improved consistency of permission applications.
Bug fix: Resolve issue causing backupsets for deleted accounts to be requested from the server under rare conditions, resulting in a large number of API errors being logged (Ahsay).
Bug fix: Prevent successive API calls being made for un-fetch-able users (Ahsay v7+).
Security improvements.
Visual improvements.

Week ending 01-03-2019
Internal development.

Week ending 22-02-2019
Internal development.

Week ending 15-02-2019
Security improvements.
Enhancement: Reduced reliance on older APIs (Ahsay v7+).

Week ending 08-02-2019
Internal development.

Week ending 01-02-2019
Internal development.

Week ending 25-01-2019
Internal development.

Week ending 18-01-2019
Internal development.

Week ending 11-01-2019
Internal development

Week ending 04-01-2019
Internal development

Week ending 28-12-2018
Internal development.

Week ending 21-12-2018
Internal development.

Week ending 14-12-2018
Internal development.

Week ending 07-12-2018
Internal development.

Week ending 30-11-2018
Improved statistics representation for reports on running jobs (Ahsay).
Numerous security improvements.
Stability enhancements.

Week ending 23-11-2018
Fix an issue displaying (non-functional) tag-related options for operators with insufficient permissions.

Week ending 16-11-2018
Enhancement: Support for new status code (Ahsay v7).
Security improvements.

Week ending 09-11-2018
Resolve quota-related issues when adding new users to servers with policy restrictions on certain destination types (Ahsay v7).
Fix plan-reassignment failure when changing plans for users on servers with policy restrictions on certain destination types (Ahsay v7).
Hide details for unused product types on the Manage System Users page.
Cosmetic improvements.

Week ending 02-11-2018
Fix an issue loading jobs from graph widgets on the day daylight savings is reverted in the system timezone.

Week ending 26-10-2018
Fix an issue preventing system settings changes from being applied (CloudView).

Week ending 19-10-2018
Enhancement: Support for new QNAP module (Ahsay v7).
Improved quality of visual assets.

Week ending 12-10-2018
No changes this week

Week ending 05-10-2018
Enhancement: Restricted quota list support for per-destination quotas (Ahsay v7).
Fix issues surrounding server timezones (Ahsay v7).
Improvements to user trial status display and configurability (Ahsay).
Cosmetic improvements to make quota bars across the interface more consistent.

Week ending 28-09-2018
Enhancement: Return ability to edit unused destination quotas, with caveats communicated clearly (Ahsay v7).
Enhancement: Worst-case quota now displayed for customer list quota usage statistic in multi-quota scenarios (Ahsay v7).
Enhancement: Permission-group level restrictions for the ability to configure customer report recipients (Ahsay).
Enhancement: CSV export options for unified customer page and customers page (MSX).
Efficiency improvements.
Fix an issue causing API requests to be made for deleted users (Ahsay v7).
Fix an issue causing quota below actual usage errors in multi-destination scenarios (Ahsay v7).
Switch to live statistics retrieval for destinations on customer details pages (Ahsay v7).
Cosmetic improvements for legacy themes.

Week ending 21-09-2018
Enhancement: Per destination quota bars on customer details pages (Ahsay v7).
Fix an issue affecting destination data usage statistics (Ahsay v7).

Week ending 14-09-2018
Efficiency improvements when loading unified customers page (MSX+Comet/Ahsay).

Week ending 07-09-2018
Feature: Read-only backupset summary view for currently incompatible backupset types (Ahsay v7+).
Enhancement: Show encryption type for backupsets, and allow backupset list filtering by encryption status (Ahsay).
Enhancement: Reseller details page quota summary (MSX).
Fix an issue causing custom billing properties to be incorrectly displayed in some cases.
Fix an issue causing some retention settings to be displayed incorrectly in search results (Ahsay v7+).
Default text improvements to prevent confusion regarding the usage of Linux clients (Ahsay).
Default text improvements to backupset-related settings summary in installation summaries (Ahsay).

Week ending 31-08-2018
Feature: Unified customers page (MSX+Comet/Ahsay).
Enhancement: Homepage widgets (MSX).
Enhancement: Homepage reseller statistics (MSX).
Enhancement: Add server name to customer details area (MSX).

Week ending 24-08-2018
Feature: Ability to customise SMTP server message dispatch rates and timeout thresholds.
Fix an issue with higher-level report style/frequency overrides being ignored in some cases (Ahsay).
Fix a cosmetic issue causing mini watchlist items to display individual scrollbars in certain circumstances (Ahsay/Comet).
Fix an issue with (non-functional) report links being displayed to operators with insufficient permissions to view reports (Ahsay).
Cosmetic improvements.

Week ending 17-08-2018
No changes this week.

Week ending 10-08-2018
No changes this week.

Week ending 03-08-2018
Feature: Reseller ‘Total storage’ column showing cumulative storage for a reseller across all supported product types (Comet/Ahsay/MSX/Asigra/StorageCraft/AppAssure).
Reliability improvements.

Week ending 27-07-2018
Fix permissions issue caused by unrelated destinations when making quota changes (Ahsay v7.15.6.38+).
Fix visibility of unavailable/unusable destination quotas (Ahsay v7.15.6.38+).
Fix an issue causing aggregate quota to not be updated when no quotas set or available (Ahsay v7.15.6.38+).
Cosmetic improvements and assistive details for per-destination quotas (Ahsay v7.15.6.38+).

Week ending 20-07-2018
Feature: Per-destination quota support (Ahsay v7.15.6.38+).
Enhancement: Add ‘View customer’ shortcuts to Manage System Users page (MSX/Comet).
Enhancement: Add additional metadata to customer details page (MSX).
Fix issue displaying special characters in dialog titles in some translations.

Week ending 13-07-2018
Enhancement: Manage System Users page reseller account totals (MSX/Comet).
Enhancement: Total/summary values for users/items/jobs (MSX).
Fix issue allowing quick-search results list to populate after login when two factor authentication step incomplete.
Fix issues making time zone conversions for a limited number of time zones (Ahsay).

Week ending 06-07-2018
Feature: System setting to show backupsets failing monitoring priority with ‘warning’ status in scheduled reports (Ahsay).
Enhancement: HTTP basic auth support for server communications (MSX).
Enhancement: Terminology improvements (MSX).
Enhancement: Improved reseller support (MSX).
Enhancement: Contextually improved clarity of per-product terminology on the Manage System Users page.
Cosmetic improvements to user and data elements (MSX).

Week ending 29-06-2018
No changes this week

Week ending 22-06-2018
Fix issues applying backup account changes due to introduction of new APIs (Ahsay v7.15.6.38+).
Fix issues interacting with per-module options in the price formula editor (Ahsay).
Fix issue in which converting trial users to paid does not also address the suspension date for the account (Ahsay v7).

Week ending 15-06-2018
Enhancement: Visual overhaul for the customer portal interface (Ahsay).
Fix some issues adding and modifying servers (MSX).

Week ending 08-06-2018
Enhancement: Support for the Open Direct module (Ahsay v7).
Enhancement: Improved support for the Mobile and Office 365 Mail modules (Ahsay v7).
Enhancement: Show type information for destinations on the usage grid (Ahsay v7).
Fix an issue with macro replacements in some translations.
Fix an issue displaying individual backupset details in reports in which some backupsets are hidden (Ahsay).
Cosmetic improvements to data restore functionality (Ahsay).
Quality of life improvements for two factor authentication

Week ending 01-06-2018
Enhancement: Improved French translation.
Enhancement: First/Last name columns for customers on the backupsets page (Ahsay).
Fix an issue preventing the restore client from being linked correctly in the customer portal and on the customer detail area (Ahsay v7.15+).
Stability improvements.

Week ending 25-05-2018
No changes this week

Week ending 18-05-2018
No changes this week

Week ending 11-05-2018
No changes this week

Week ending 04-05-2018
Feature: Permission group setting to control the ability for resellers to edit customer names.
Feature: System setting to control whether customers can modify their name field in the customer portal.
Fix a cosmetic issue with form layouts.

Week ending 27-04-2018
Fix an issue displaying some UI elements in high DPI display modes

Week ending 20-04-2018
Feature: Uncompressed quota usage bar (can be forced as only visible quota bar by restricting compressed usage visiblity in permission group) (Ahsay).
Enhancement: Restrict display of quick-search contextual data to situations in which matches are found for multiple record types.
Enhancement: Display alterations for quick-search results to allow more data to be visible and prevent truncation.
Fix an issue causing the default timezone for a plan to not be automatically selected during signup (Ahsay).
Fix an issue causing some text to have the wrong color in some browsers.

Week ending 13-04-2018
Enhancement: Add contextual information to quick-search results, and corresponding settings toggle to disable this functionality if not desired.
Enhancement: Add customer name columns to the customers page (Ahsay).
Enhancement: Add ‘Date created’ column for the View Accounts page.
Fix an issue with missing customer names in submitted tickets when the ticket system is disabled and email fallback is used (Ahsay).
Improvements to visual consistency for legacy themes.

Week ending 06-04-2018
Enhancement: Backupset file browser now supports browsing files for historical backupjobs (Ahsay v6).
Enhancement: Display current system time in local timezone in the internationalisation settings for reference and confirmation.
Fix an issue causing deleted backupsets to be re-processed as deleted when manual profile refreshes are initiated.
Improvements to page-load efficiency of the backupset file browser.

Week ending 30-03-2018
Enhancement: Contacts management reimplemented to improve support for complex data and MyClient/server synchronicity (Ahsay v7).
Enhancement: Significant improvements to internal API request handling to address extremely large (multi-hundred MB) responses (Ahsay v7).
Fix an issue causing Asigra backupsets with filtered statuses to not calculate concurrent status values correctly.

Week ending 23-03-2018
Fix an issue causing incorrect version dependent module options to appear under certain circumstances (Ahsay).

Week ending 16-03-2018
Feature: Event handler action to send a customer report using a given template (Ahsay).
Enhancement: Account deletions and backupset deletions are now permitted via separate permission options.
Enhancement: Protocol and port (non-standard ports) now visible for hosts on the Manage Servers page.
Enhancement: Macro for company names in installation summary agreements (Ahsay).
Fix an issue causing oversized branding images in reports to capable of covering up report content.
Fix an issue causing module quotas to display when parent module is hidden during signup (Ahsay v7).

Week ending 09-03-2018
Enhancement: UI toggle buttons for grid/list mode.
Fix an issue causing icons not to render in some situations.
Fix an issue causing backupset statistics to occasionally be precluded from the usage grid (Ahsay).
Fix an issue causing API fallbacks not to engage in particular circumstances (Ahsay v7).
Fix an issue calculating data and retention file counts in compatibility fallback cases (Ahsay).

Week ending 02-03-2018
No changes this Week

Week ending 23-02-2018
Feature: Per-backupset destinations page (Ahsay v7).
Fix an issue parsing weekly schedules for installation summaries (Ahsay v7).
Fix an issue causing duplicate alert emails to be sent on backupset deletion (Ahsay).
Fix an issue displaying group icons for event handler groups on legacy themes.
Fix an issue with the height of email previews on legacy themes.

Week ending 09-02-2018
Enhancement: Trial status event for logging purposes and to allow for event actions to be performed when trial status is changed.
Fix an issue causing deselected sources to appear twice in installation summaries (Ahsay v7).
Improvements to installation summary appearance and layout.

Week ending 02-02-2018
Improvements to PDF rendering.
Improvements to installation summary content and content generation (Ahsay v7).

Week ending 26-01-2018
Fix an issue with using duplicate usernames during signup (Ahsay).

Week ending 2018-01-12
Feature: Auto-updater for self hosted installations.