V9 considerations and enhancements

Version 9 of Ahsay’s cloud backup software brings some new features and we plan to roll it out to our backup clusters in April 2022. We will showcase all the features when the new version goes live and have highlighted the main features and considerations here.

Enhanced deduplication

The deduplication module is improved in AhsayCBS v9.1 and is free of charge.

Dedupe is used to identify and filter out duplicate or repeating data blocks during a backup job. As a result, only the unique data blocks are backed up to the storage destination(s), therefore significantly reducing data storage usage and storage costs.

Because fewer backup data chunks are generated with deduplication, both the backup and restore performance is greatly improved.

This will in turn lead to reduced storage sizes and costs.

Considerations in v9

Ahsay has decided to stop supporting some legacy features that are seldom seen anymore or have been superseded by other technologies.


MS Exchange mail level backup sets using MAPI backup mode may stop working. It is
strongly recommended transitioning to the EWS protocol.

For details, please refer to the following article Termination of Support for mail level
backups using MAPI Protocol on MS Exchange 2013 Cumulative Update 23 or above.


MS Exchange MAPI CDO is no longer supported for v9 client agents.


Non-VDDK VMware backup is no longer supported for v9 client agents, and this will affect backing up the free version of VMware.

Please contact us if you are using the free version of VMware so we can exclude the backup account from auto-updating to v9.

Hyper-V and VMware backup sets have optional backup methods of Full and Incremental. This is based on deltas created by the underlying VM technology that are passed to the Ahsay client agent for transfer. It is recommended to frequently run your backup jobs using Full because it will be more consistent, however, the downside is increased backup periods.