Version 7 Azure upload failure workaround

The advice in this page should only be used if you have been directed here by Support.

This tech doc addresses an issue where desktop OS backups with limited bandwidth fail to recover from backup problems.

The issue can occur when our desktop software is used, there is limited bandwidth available to backups and the destination is Microsoft’s cloud [Azure].

These steps won’t affect your existing backed-up data and you can recover that data whilst the account remains active.

  1. Open

  2. Select ‘Desktop’ from the top tabs.

  3. Download and install the required OS version, but don’t start the backup software yet.

  4. Delete c:\user\username\ .acb from your system.
    This is the config for the previous backup server. This folder must be removed to prevent new backup data being transferred to the previous server.

  5. Open the software and create a new trial account.

  6. Create a new backup as usual. When you get to the ‘Destination’ section, you will see the pre-defined destination is UK Storage and not Azure (UK South).

  7. Finish setting up the backup and run the job.

Please let us know when you have done this, so we can move the new backup account into your portal.