Wasabi object storage is now a BOBcloud predefined destination

Since we launched 3rd party storage destinations in v7 (early 2018), we have seen resellers storing their customers’ data in more than 150 destinations worldwide. These destinations are provided directly between the cloud operator and the reseller.

These 3rd party destinations currently make up 22% of all new backup set destinations, and we expect that figure to be more than 50% by the end of the year.
Because of this, we now offer Wasabi as a pre-defined storage location for new backup sets.
You will still be able to add BOBcloud UK along with other Azure regions, but we won’t be promoting one over another.

Business as usual

Nothing has changed or will change in relation to existing backup destinations.

We now support Wasabi

July 2019: We have added Wasabi as a new predefined destination.
You can, of course, purchase Wasabi storage directly from them if you prefer.
Connecting your backup sets to Wasabi is simple.

More about Wasabi

Wasabi are one of the ‘disruptors’ in the industry who are breaking up the stranglehold AWS and Microsoft have enjoyed for years in the cloud arena.

Connection to their storage is configured in the same way as an S3 connector on AWS. Every cloud-enabled application provides an S3 connector out of the box, and Wasabi have tapped into this new standard. They aren’t alone in this approach and almost all new providers are building their solutions around the S3 standard rather than create their own. This can only be good news for us all.

Wasabi provides storage in the US and in Amsterdam (this is the destination we use).
When they inevitably build a facility in the UK, we will add that destination also.

Because Wasabi doesn’t charge for data transferred out of their facilities (egress), their pricing is a lot lower than all other cloud providers. Our target price for Wasabi will be £0.02 per GB, and you can purchase directly from them for a lower price if you prefer.

We will post a further update and add a message to the portal login screen when we make the change. Sign up to our alert service if you want further updates - https://www.bobcloud.net/signup/

Wasabi Vs Azure speed test result


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