Worldwide Ransomware attacks confirmed in August 2020

Roll-up of Ransomware attacks we have detected in August 2020

Aged care provider Regis hit by ransomware attack

Health and aged care providers have been warned they are vulnerable to a sharp increase in cyber attacks after an unidentified offshore adversary published sensitive documents related to an Adelaide-based aged care facility run by Regis Healthcare.

Criminals use Windows Maze ransomware to attack Indian highways authority

Cyber criminals have used the Maze ransomware that can be used to attack Windows systems to hit the infrastructure of the Indian public sector body, National Highways Authority of India, and released data that they have stolen prior to encrypting it on-site.

Textile Cutting Expert ‘Lectra’ Struck by the Maze Ransomware Group

The Paris-based CAD, CAM, software, and textile cutting equipment firm ‘Lectra’ has been compromised by the Maze ransomware group. As confirmed by the Cyble research team, the prolific group of actors has already published 5% of the data they stole from the company’s systems, in the context of the typical coercion procedure.

Dussmann Group’s data leaked by Nefilim ransomware actors

Dussmann Group, one of the largest multi-service providers, has fallen victim to Nefilim ransomware gang, which is now posting its sensitive information online via a specially crafted website. The incident is a direct consequence of a ransomware attack on the company’s refrigeration subsidiary Dresdner Kühlanlagenbau GmbH (DKA), which employs 570 people.

Lithium-ion battery maker comes under attack from NetWalker ransomware

A gang of malicious attackers appears to have used the Windows NetWalker ransomware to stage a raid on the infrastructure of Forsee Power, a company that designs and manufactures smart lithium-ion battery systems for electro-mobility markets.

Canon U.S.A. hit by ransomware attack

Canon U.S.A. Inc., one of Long Island’s largest employers, suffered a cyberattack that knocked out some computer systems, a company spokeswoman confirmed Friday.

Metropolitan Community College of Kansas City says they fell victim to ransomware attack

Metropolitan Community College of Kansas City announced Wednesday that they were the victim of a ransomware attack.

Bletchley Park Trust among high-profile victims of Blackbaud ransomware attack

Bletchley Park have confirmed that the ransomware attack, that targeted database software provider Blackbaud in May and impacted at least 125 UK organisations, also compromised the personal information of members and donors of Bletchley Park Trust.

Ransomware attack on Texas ENT center encrypts 19,908 patient files

Fort Worth, Texas-based Owens Ear Center was the victim of a ransomware attack that encrypted patient information.

Ransomware Reportedly Hits Ventilator Maker

A manufacturer of transit communication systems that pivoted to build ventilators during the COVID-19 pandemic is reportedly the latest victim of the DoppelPaymer ransomware gang.

Ransomware Attacks Cornerstone Building Brands ($CNR)

Cornerstone Building Brands ($CNR), a provider of commercial and residential building supplies, discloses ransomware attack & investigation in SEC filing.

Ohio hospital’s EHR hit by ransomware attack, exposes 7,000+ patients’ info

Zanesville, Ohio-based Muskingum Valley Health Centers has notified more than 7,000 patients that their personal information may have been exposed in a ransomware attack on its EHR system.

Colorado city forced to pay $45,000 ransom to decrypt files

A city in Colorado, USA, has been forced to pay $45,000 after the City’s devices were encrypted in July, and they were unable to restore necessary files from backup.

Over 25% of all UK universities were attacked by ransomware

A third of the universities in the United Kingdom responding to a freedom of information (FOI) request admitted to being a victim of a ransomware attack. These represent more than 25% of the universities and colleges in the country.

Ransomware attack hits TFI’s Canadian courier divisions

A ransomware attack hit TFI International’s (NYSE:TFII) four Canadian courier divisions on Thursday, two days after the transportation and logistics company raised millions of dollars in a share offering.

Konica Minolta Attacked By A New Ransomware

Japanese technology giant Konica Minolta has now fallen prey to a cyber attack. Konica Minolta has suffered a ransomware attack, allegedly by ransomware that caused service outages.

Ransomware attack hits TFI’s Canadian courier divisions

A ransomware attack hit TFI International’s (NYSE:TFII) four Canadian courier divisions on Thursday, two days after the transportation and logistics company [raised millions of dollars in a share offering.

World’s biggest cruise line company hit by ransomware attack

The Carnival Cruise breach included "unauthorized access to personal data of guests.

Tampa Bay donors’ personal information may have been compromised in ransomware attack

A software and data management company used by some of the nation’s leading nonprofits is now at the center of an FBI probe into how donor information ended up in the hands of cybercriminals.

Semiconductor giant SK Hynix silent on ransomware attack

The third-largest semiconductor company in the world, South Korea’s SK Hynix, refused to comment on whether or not it has fallen victim to a ransomware attack that appears to have resulted in a breach of its corporate data.

Carnival hacked by ransomware attack

Carnival Corporation announced it was the victim of a ransomware attack that may have resulted in guest and employee information being compromised.

REvil Ransomware hits Jack Daniel’s manufacturer, Ritz London

Five-star luxury hotel Ritz London and the makers behind the famous Jack Daniel’s bourbon whiskey have become the latest victims of cyber attacks.

Cleveland Museum of Natural History contractor targeted in ransomware attack

A third-party contractor that provides service to the Cleveland Museum of Natural History was recently the target of a ransomware attack, according to a statement released Tuesday.

Okanagan Similkameen Regional District staff still can’t access email after attempted ransomware attack

After an attempted ransomware attack last week, the Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen is operating with limited access to its internal network and emails while it continues to organize emergency operations from the Christie Mountain wildfire.

Ponca City Schools Gives Update On Ransomware Attack

Ponca City Public Schools is working with the Federal Bureau of Investigation after being hit by a ransomware attack over the weekend.

Blackbaud ransomware attack exposed donor data from two UK charities

Another UK charity has confirmed that the personal data of its donors has been compromised as a result of the Blackbaud ransomware attack earlier this year.


The University of Utah has released a notice updating its community of faculty and students on a major ransomware incident. According to the notice, released Aug. 20, the University of Utah’s College of Social and Behavioral Science (CSBS) “experienced a criminal ransomware attack, which rendered its servers temporarily inaccessible.”

Fresno-area schools cancel online classes due to ransomware attacks, internet outages

With the fall semester in full swing, schools across the nation continue to struggle with the new technology issues that distance learning brings, including ransomware attacks and downed fiber lines.

Australian company Jands appears to have been hit by Windows ransomware

Cyber criminals appear to have used the Windows NetWalker ransomware to attack the website of Australian firm Jands, which distributes some leading audio, lighting and staging brands for installation, production and retail industries throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Tesla was the target of “serious” ransomware attack

A Russian national allegedly attempted to bribe a Tesla employee to install malware on the company’s network.

A Volkswagen Dealership Has Been Hit by “Conti” Ransomware

According to multiple sources, including French media and Cyble, a German dealership belonging to the Volkswagen Group has fallen victim to the “Conti” ransomware group.

Selma Unified hit with ransomware attack

Selma Unified School District says it was hit by hackers.

Rise of ransomware attacks on NC schools hinder virtual learning

There have been 5 attacks on school districts in the past 8 months; there was only 1 reported in the previous 3 years

Haywood County Schools victim of ransomware attack; closed rest of the week

Students in the Haywood County School District are on pause from remote learning for the rest of the week after the district became the victim of a ransomware attack.

Ohio Institutions Affected by Blackbaud Ransomware Attack

Several institutions in the state were indirectly affected by a ransomware attack against the global cloud software company Blackbaud. The company serves nonprofits, universities, foundations and other organizations.