Worldwide Ransomware attacks confirmed in January 2020

Roll-up of Ransomware attacks we have detected in January 2020

Unhappy New Year: Ransomware Attacks Hit Schools, Hospital, California City

New ransomware attacks hit school districts, hospitals & municipalities across the United States and Europe. Here’s how MSSPs & MSPs can mitigate ransomware risks, improve business continuity & speed recoveries.

US Biz Closes Doors After Ransomware Attack

A US fundraising firm has been forced to close its doors after more than 60 years in business following a crippling ransomware attack in October.

US County’s Computers Still Down Nine Days After Ransomware Attack

A county in the Pacific Northwestern state of Oregon is yet to fully recover from a ransomware attack that happened over a week ago.

US Defense Contractor Hit by Ryuk Ransomware

A US government technology contractor has become the latest major target taken down by a ransomware attack.

US Coast Guard Sounds Alarm After Ransomware Attack

US maritime facilities have been on high alert over the Christmas break after the Coast Guard revealed details of a ransomware-related outage in late December.

Major Canadian Military Contractor Compromised in Ransomware Attack

A Canadian construction company that won military and government contracts worth millions of dollars has suffered a ransomware attack.

Citrix Flaw Exploited by Ransomware Attackers

Reports have emerged of multiple attempts to exploit a Citrix vulnerability, delivering ransomware to enterprise victims including a German car manufacturer.

Ransomware pounces on California schools, Las Vegas trounces attack

We’ve got some bad ransomware news, and we’ve got some good, cyberattack-THWARTED! news.

Canadian insurer paid for ransomware decryptor. Now it’s hunting the scum down

A Canadian insurance business struck by ransomware paid off the crooks via a cyber insurance policy – and their English reinsurers, having shelled out 109.25 Bitcoins, want it back from the alleged blackmailers.

Suspected Ryuk ransomware attack locks down Adelaide’s City of Onkaparinga council

A council in Adelaide’s south is up and running again after cyber attack just before Christmas locked down its IT systems and forced staff to start their holidays earlier than planned.

California medical center remains in downtime procedures following Jan. 2 ransomware attack

Chico, Calif.-based Enloe Medical Center continues to treat patients using back-up, offline protocols after suffering from a ransomware attack Jan. 2, according to the Chicoer

Tampa Bay Times hit by ransomware attack

The Tampa Bay Times was attacked by ransomware Thursday, making it the latest news organization hit by the crippling software.

Oshkosh becomes one of ransomware’s latest victims

Oshkosh’s government computers are under attack. They’ve been crippled for days by a virus that’s infected the city’s entire network.

Lakeland Community College hit by ransomware attack

Lakeland Community College officials this week reported that the school has been hit by a ransomware attack.

Dozens of companies have data dumped online by ransomware ring seeking leverage

The Maze ransomware ring has taken extortion to new heights by publicly posting breached data on the Internet—and threatening full dumps of stolen data if the ring’s “customers” don’t pay for their files to be unencrypted. But the group appears to be making one exception: the City of Pensacola, which was hit by Maze ransomware in December

Denver’s Regis University paid ransom to “malicious actors” behind campus cyberattack

When “malicious actors” carried out a cyberattack on Regis University last August — crippling the Denver campus’s IT network and downing phones, email and Wi-Fi — university officials paid the hackers a ransom in hopes of restoring their incapacitated systems.

Las Cruces schools slowly digging out from ransomware attack

The information technology director for the Las Cruces Public Schools updated the school board Tuesday on recovery efforts following a major ransomware attack on the district in October.

Two cities announce ransomware attacks two weeks into 2020

Barely two weeks have passed in 2020, and already, two cities have announced that they’ve been the victims of cyber attacks.

Ransomware hits TV & radio news monitoring service TVEyes

Newsrooms, political campaigns, and PR agencies panic as they lose access to one of their crucial media monitoring tools.

eHealth hit by ransomware attack but personal health data is secure, says CEO

Attack on computer system storing personal health data of Sask. people began Sunday morning

All Contra Costa library branches up and running after ransomware attack

The Contra Costa County Library is fully operational again after having recovered from last month’s ransomware attack.

Clop Ransomware Now Kills Windows 10 Apps and 3rd Party Tools

The Clop Ransomware continues to evolve with a new and integrated process killer that targets some interesting processes belonging to Windows 10 apps, text editors, programming IDEs and languages, and office applications.

Sodinokibi Ransomware Hits Travelex, Demands $3 Million

It’s been more than six days since a cyber attack took down the services of the international foreign currency exchange company Travelex and BleepingComputer was able to confirm that the company systems were infected with Sodinokibi ransomware.

Sodinokibi Ransomware Hits New York Airport Systems

Albany International Airport’s staff announced that the New York airport’s administrative servers were hit by Sodinokibi Ransomware following a cyberattack that took place over Christmas.

Maze Ransomware Publishes 14GB of Stolen Southwire Files

The Maze Ransomware operators have released an additional 14GB of files that they claim were stolen from one of their victims for not paying a ransomware demand.

Oman’s largest insurance company hit by ransomware attack

Oman United Insurance Co SAOG, one among the largest insurers in the country has disclosed a “ransomware attack” on the company’s data centre early this month.

Hackers demand ransom payments from patients of Florida provider

Patients of Richard Davis, MD, have reported that they have received ransom demands from a cybercriminal who threatens to release their public information if they don’t pay the demand.

Cyber-Attack Makes Pennsylvania Students Learn “Old School” Style

Students in the Pittsburg Unified School District of Pennsylvania were left without internet access on Monday as the result of a ransomware attack.

Hackers demand Michigan school district pay $10K in bitcoin

Hackers demanded that a Michigan school district pay $10,000 in bitcoin in order to restore access to its server.

PBVSD ransomware attack will delay report cards

The Panama-Buena Vista School District said that due to the recent ransomware attack, teachers will not be able to get report cards out on time.

Town of Colonie got hacked; looks to avoid paying ransomware demand of about $400,000

The town’s computer system was hacked, and the cyber extortionists are asking for about $400,000 in Bitcoin cryptocurrency to unlock it.

New Jersey Synagogue Suffers Sodinokibi Ransomware Attack

Temple Har Shalom in Warren, New Jersey had their network breached by the actors behind the Sodinokibi Ransomware who encrypted numerous computers on the network.

600 Computers Taken Down After Florida Library Cyberattack

600 staff and public access computers were taken down at Volusia County Public Library (VCPL) branches from Daytona Beach, Florida, following a cyberattack that started around 7 AM on January 9.

Travelex hackers shut down German car parts company Gedia in massive ‘cyber attack’

The criminal group responsible for the cyber attack that has disrupted high-street banks and the foreign currency exchange chain Travelex for more than three weeks has launched what has been described as a “massive cyber attack” on a German automotive parts supplier.

DOD contractor suffers ransomware infection

Electronic Warfare Associates (EWA), a 40-year-old electronics company and a well-known US government contractor, has suffered a ransomware infection, ZDNet has learned.

Racine Mayor Refuses to Pay Cyber-Ransom

The mayor of a Wisconsin city in the grips of a ransomware attack has said that any demands for a ransom payment will not be met.

Australia’s Toll Suffers Ransomware Attack

Australian logistics company Toll has been forced to disable its systems and use non-digital processes after a ransomware attack on Friday (Jan 31) caused delays throughout the country, according to a report by ZDNet.

Man Has To Beg LG To Uncripple His ‘Smart’ TV After Ransomware Attack

We’ve noted repeatedly how “smart” television sets have the same security issues plaguing the rest of the internet of broken things: namely there often isn’t any security to speak of. The net result has been TVs that spy on you by recording in-home audio, and in some cases transmitting that data unencrypted around the internet

US college pays $28,000 to get files back after ransomware attack

Los Angeles Valley College (LAVC) has paid a public record of $28,000 (£22,500) in Bitcoins to extortionists after ransomware encrypted hundreds of thousands of files held on its servers.

City of Del Rio Hit by Ransomware Attack

Another ransomware attack has made headlines with the city of Del Rio, Texas, announcing on January 10, 2019, that the servers at City Hall were disabled, according to a press release.