Account 'does not exist' when logging in for the first time

We build new backup clusters periodically and node-lock the client-side software used to back up to these clusters. This means every backup installation on your devices will be locked to its own cluster.
This isn’t obvious and normally won’t be an issue if you download our software from your Reseller Portal

When you create a new account, it will likely be on another cluster. If you are using a previously downloaded version of our software on a new account, the software will look for a different cluster and you will see an error ‘does not exist’.

If you see this issue, download a new version of our software from your Reseller Portal (look on the right hand side of your customer’s page).

Also delete c:\users\username\ .obm for a server OS, or c:\users\username\ .acb for a desktop OS. These are the config files which specify the cluster your account is associated with.