Ahsay v6 end-of-life options

Ahsay v6 options after 1st November 2018.

If you haven’t purchased a migration, you only have 2 options when your v6 license stops working.

  1. Re-install expired v6 accounts using the v7 software.
    You will lose all history and won’t be able to restore any v6 data.
    Standard pricing applies and can be checked here - https://www.bobcloud.net/?#calculator

If you select this option, you will need to delete the v6 config files from your system.
These can be found in c:\users\username.obm (server), or c:\users\username.acb (desktop)

  1. If you want to continue using v6, you will need to purchase a breakout license. This will be equal to 12 months usage of your account(s). In addition, storage will be charged at £0.20 per GB and normal monthly license charges will apply.
    Your device will stay on v6.
    Ahsay will terminate support for v6 at the end of 2018.

We started notifying resellers of Ahsay’s v6 end-of-life plans in March 2018.

BOBcloud and Ahsay have offered incentives to migrate to v7 on our Microsoft platform throughout the year.
These incentives have finished now.