Backup account and encryption passwords explained

All about your BOBcloud software passwords

You have two passwords associated with your backup accounts: the account password and the encryption password.

Account password

When you access the desktop software on your devices, you will log in with the account password. This password will allow you to create, edit and delete backup sets and stored data. The backup software also uses this password to log into our network when it runs automatic backups.

Resellers cannot change this password on our shared service, but we can change it on request.

Encryption password

All your backup sets generate an encryption password when they are created. This is hard coded and is the same as the account password. However, you can specify your own.
Changing the account password later will not change the encryption password.

The encryption password can never be changed and can only be read on a live system. You can never restore your data if you don’t know your encryption password and your system has failed.

More about this:
Your encryption passwords never leave your system. This is for security reasons, so your data can never be compromised during transit or at rest. If you are unsure what your encryption passwords are, you can read them off a healthy system, as shown in this tech doc.

These tips will help you harden your BOBcloud backups:

  1. Edit the whitelist of allowed restore IP addresses. This will prevent any data from being restored to devices other than those on the allowed IP address list.
  2. Prevent the UI console from automatically logging into your account. This will prevent anyone from accessing your devices, editing backup sets, or reading your encryption passwords. They cannot do anything to your account or data.