BOBcloud pre-defined destinations explained


BOBcloud provides the interface for you to backup to hundreds of 3rd party cloud and storage destinations worldwide without having to store your data with us.

Whenever you create a new backup account and backup set, you can select to backup to your own storage or 3rd party cloud and object storage.
If you want an easier solution, you can backup to our predefined destination on Microsoft’s cloud [Azure] or Wasabi.

You will be familiar with Microsoft’s Azure as an object storage provider, but maybe not so familiar with Wasabi. Wasabi uses the same technology as other cloud storage operators such as Microsoft and Amazon.

There are only 2 differences between Wasabi and Azure.

  1. We charge Wasabi storage at £0.02 per GB (Azure is £0.05 per GB). View Pricing
  2. Wasabi are based in Amsterdam, Holland instead of the UK.
    Performance during our testing is the same for both systems and you can view our test result here

How to use BOBcloud’s Azure and Wasabi pre-defined destinations

Create your accounts on our portal as usual and open the BOBcloud software on your device.

1. Add a new backup set

2. Select the backup source

3. Our Azure destination might be pre-configured on your account. If so, it can be removed if you don’t want to store your backed-up data with us.

4. Remove the embedded BOBcloud destination by double-clicking on it.

Delete our destination (bottom left).
If you have any data on our destination, it will be deleted and purged immediately. We won’t be able to restore it.

5. Add a new destination

Select the destination name BOBcloud on Wasabi (EU region) or any of the BOBcloud on Azure regions

Contact us if you want any assistance setting this up.