BOBcloud price changes - effective 1st April 2023

These price changes will be effective on your invoice sent in April 2023.

We are unfortunately increasing the cost of the server licenses, advanced licenses, and Azure storage in April. These new charges will be shown on your invoice sent on the 1st of April. All server licenses and advanced modules will increase by approximately 10%.

Desktop licenses and non-profit pricing is unchanged.

Why our prices are changing

Approximately 80% of our costs are human-related. Our Support team are specialists in Microsoft products, and we provide support 7 days a week.

Ahsay prices their licenses in USD, and their prices increase year-on-year.

Microsoft periodically increases their prices, and they are increasing by 9% in April - Consistent global pricing for the Microsoft Cloud - Microsoft News Centre Europe

Charity pricing

We have discounts in place with Ahsay for non-profit organisations and these remain. There are no plans to increase pricing for non-profits.

Price changes

Windows, Linux, and macOS Server: Changing from £7 to £7.8
M365 (email, SharePoint, and OneDrive): Changing from £1.1 to £1.2
Hyper V and VMware guests: Changing from £2.75 to £3
Exchange mailboxes (on-premise): Changing from £0.65 to £0.7
Synology, and QNAP NAS: Changing from £6.5 to £7.2

Azure storage: Changing from £0.053 to £0.06 per GB

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