Can I back up files that are currently in use by other applications?

I’m wondering if it’s possible to back up files that are currently in use by other applications. For example, I’m working on a large video project in Adobe Premiere Pro, and I want to back it up while still editing it. Can I do that?

I was working with a file that is placed on the location that is marked for backup, and at the time of scheduled backup, I received one error I am not sure if that is related to the file being open or related to any other issue.

I will appreciate it if anyone clarify this for me.


Yes, this is possible. Our system uses Microsoft’s VSS to back up open files. We can check further if you send us a screenshot of the error or the backup log.
Sometimes, VSS can fail or is shutdown. Our software checks VSS is healthy before the backup starts and will display an error if it cannot call a VSS snapshot. VSS is a great system. However, it can fail, and that is why our software looks for that.

Please note: VSS does not work on remote file systems from where the backup software is installed.

VSS is an abbreviation of Volume Snapshot Service, Volume Shadow Copy Service, or Volume Shadow Services.

VSS is a Microsoft system that allows applications to access and back up locked and open files whilst the user still works on them. Our backup application is VSS aware and knows how to communicate with VSS and take a copy of an open file for backup.

Four basic VSS rules:

  1. Microsoft Volume Shadow Service must be enabled in Windows.
  2. Windows drives must be formatted with NTFS and have at least 2GB of free space for the shadows.
  3. The backup application must support VSS.
  4. Only local disks are supported.

VSS is an in-depth subject, and you can read more about it here Volume Shadow Copy Service | Microsoft Learn