Can I backup network-attached storage (NAS) devices?

Dear @Support-Tech1,

As an IT professional managing my company’s data, I have 10 TBs of critical data stored in a local NAS storage. We have 2 Synology NAS (DS918+ and DS923+). We are considering slowly moving to the cloud and looking for a solution to back up this data to the cloud.

Can you handle the backup of large amounts of data from NAS storage? We are talking about moving some 50GB of data daily.



We provide modules for QNAP and Synology NAS devices. The hardware compatibility list can be viewed here: BOBcloud SCL\HCL – BOBcloud

If you prefer, you can back up any NAS or remote device using its UNC path. i.e., \server-name\share

Our service can back up any volume of data you require. We host on the world’s most secure cloud, Microsoft’s Azure.