Can't connect to Backup Server!



CloudBacko.ErrorStream] [IOException] Can’t connect to Backup Server!, caused by [ClientHandlerException] [RelaxedX509TrustManagerJVM14.checkServerTrusted] Cannot find a valid CA. Certificate[0]=’[]

[CloudBacko.ErrorStream] Issuer: EMAILADDRESS=SophosUTM@domain, CN=Company Name Proxy CA, O=Org Name Ltd, L=Location, C=Country’


This type of error normally occurs when a firewall blocks access to one of our backup clusters on port 443 or the traffic on port 443 is being redirected.

One reported incident was with the SSL scanning used by Sophos UTM Web protection filter.
We created a filter rule which bypassed the scanning on the affected device.

We didn’t see any errors in the Sophos logs and no other SSL sites we affected.


A good practice is to exclude anti-virus and security software scanning these folders c:\users\username\ .acb (desktop) and c:\users\username\ .obm (server)

Check if the device can connect to our service within Windows. If our software can’t connect, very often Windows won’t be able to connect either.

This command run in a command window will check the connection to one of our clusters. You will need to replace the domain name with the cluster your backup account is on.

You will also need to install the Telnet client on your device. This is included with Windows and can be installed from the control panel.

telnet 443