Deleting an account when using YOUR own storage

Why do I need to do this?

If you are using your own storage for your backup sets, you must delete the backup sets before you delete the account. This is because our system does not have access to your storage locations (this is by design for security reasons) and cannot delete your backed-up data.

  1. Log into the BOBcloud software on your device and delete each backup set.
  2. When all the backup sets have been deleted, you can delete the account within the portal

What if I delete the account from the portal before removing the backup sets?

The backed-up data will remain active and must be deleted manually. Each backup set has a unique 13 numeric field, and this can be found in any of the backup set’s logs.

What if I am using a BOBcloud predefined destination?

Simply delete the account from the portal and our service will take care of the rest.