Error initializing bptree


At the start of a backup we see this error Error initializing bptree

The logs will normally show some more data as shown below. This is a file system backup using Google Drive as a backup destination.

[BlockDB.init][Exception] Error initializing bptree, C:\Users\admin\temp\1327143243343\GDrive@1527147662199\bfTable.bdb, Error=[Bptree.init] Failed to create ‘C:\Users\admin\temp\1527147244448\GDrive@1527147662199\bfTable.bdb’ because it exists already, caused by [f] [Bptree.init] Failed to create ‘C:\Users\admin\temp\1527147244448\GDrive@1527147662199\bfTable.bdb’ because it exists already


The backup creates various temp files and index files which can become corrupted.
Corruption normally occurs where a backup is stopped without warning through a reboot or system crash, or the disk has IO errors.


The temp location is set in the Windows profile of the user who created, or is running the backup.
This folder doesn’t have any important data within it and will be recreated on the next backup.

Using the example above, we deleted the folder C:\Users\admin\temp and ran the backup again.

If the problem persists, check for disk errors on the drive or if the anti-virus software is reporting any false errors.

Error initializing bptree, AhsayCBS v7, AhsayOBM v7