How does backups are handled for virtualised environments such as VMWare or Hyper-V?

I’m considering using you for virtualized environments like VMWare or Hyper-V. How does the solution handle backups for VMs? I’d like to understand the integration process, VM capture and restore methods, and if it supports granular restores for individual VMs or files. Thanks!


We have modules for VMware and Hyper V environments. The technical manuals are embedded into the backup software client.

To answer your question, the modules can back up either environment in their native forms. Many resellers back up the VHDX disks using a file system backup rather than using the Hyper V module. This approach makes it easier to mount the VHDX files on a new Hyper V host. The virtual environment must be recreated, which can easily be done within a few minutes.

Our granular module allows you to pull out files from a backup image without restoring the entire file. It only works with non-encrypted backup sets, but the module is being reworked to overcome this restriction.

When backing up your VMs, contact Support directly for help.