How to check the retained data is being reported correctly

Overview of retention

The retention settings control how long we store backed-up versions of data you delete from your device(s).
We also store previous full backups of your data here.

The system will periodically force another full backup of a file when it has been backed up 100 times. This is a nominal setting which regulates your backed-up data so that it can be quickly restored and integrity is preserved. This setting can also be changed by experienced users.

You can set the retention period form 1 day to infinity and this is shown in light blue on each customer’s page in your reseller portal.


How to modify your retention

You might find over time that your retention is larger than you would like and is also costing you more than you had planned.

You can reduce the retention period within each backup set as follows:

  1. Edit the backup set
  2. Click on Show advanced settings \ Retention Policy



  1. Modify the retention policy to the required number of days. Our example shows the default setting of 5 years (1825 days).

Please note: Your retained data (history) will be purged immediately up to the new period.


Completing the retention process

The new retention setting will be applied on your backed-up data at the end of the next successful backup for the backup set.

You can force the process manually as follows:

  1. Click on Utilities


  1. Click on Space Freeing Up


  1. Select the required backup set and click on Start


Ahsay OBM, ACB retention