How to selectively delete backed-up data on Ahsay v8


If you have deleted a lot of data from your source device and want to remove it from our service, there are 2 ways to ensure it is selectively deleted whilst other data is retained.

After you delete some data from your device, the next backup will sense this and move the associated backed-up data to the retention area. The data in the retention area will be purged from our service in line with your retention settings. The retention settings are set in daily increments.

You can change the retention period in our software on your device.

  1. If your retention settings are set quite low (i.e. 7 days), you could allow our service to purge your data in line with your retention settings.

  2. If you need to maintain a longer retention period for your other backed-up data and reducing the retention period isn’t an option, you can selectively delete the backed-up data from our service.

Using version v7 or v8

You can remove backed-up data from our service by using the software on your device. Go into Utilities \ Delete Backup Data.

If you want to delete only some of the backed-up data, select the respective backup job and backup destination.

Select the folders you want to remove and click Delete.

This data will be purged immediately from the destination and cannot be recovered.

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