How to selectively delete backed-up data


You want to remove data within a backup set that has been backed up to the cloud, but you don’t want to remove the entire backup set.

Example 1: You have deleted the data from your source device.

After the backup next runs, the corresponding backed-up data will be moved into the backup’s retention area. It will be purged according to your retention settings.

Example 2: You have deselected some data from your backup source.

The backed-up data will remain in the cloud and will need to be manually deleted.

How to manually delete backed-up data from the cloud

Go into Utilities \ Delete Backup Data.

If you want to delete only some of the backed-up data, select the respective backup job and backup destination.

Select the folders you want to remove and click Delete.

This data will be purged immediately from the destination and cannot be recovered.

Ahsay v8 v9, delete ahsay data