How to terminate a stalled backup on a Synology NAS with Ahsay OBM

How to stop the running backup

Enable SSH on your Synology NAS.

Using Terminal or Putty, navigate to this path ‘/volume_id/@appstore/serverbackup/.obm/ipc/BackupSet/backup-set-id’

If there is a file named ‘running’, delete it. Then, restart the scheduler service.

Note: If the “.obm” folder is hidden, you must configure the NAS to display hidden files/directories.

If using terminal or Putty, you should use “ls -a” command to list hidden files/directories.

Try to connect to the NAS again using terminal or Putty, then run the following commands:

  1. cd /volume_id/@appstore/serverbackup
  2. ls -a (you should see .obm)
  3. cd /volume_id/@appstore/serverbackup/.obm/ipc/BackupSet/backup-set-id
  4. ls -a
  5. rm * (this will delete all the ‘running’ files in the IPC directory. After running the command, run ls -a again to verify that the files are deleted.)
  6. Once the “running” file has been removed, restart the scheduler service (see below).

How to manually stop the scheduler service:

Run this command.
touch /volume1/@appstore/serverbackup/.obm/ipc/Scheduler/stop

How to start the scheduler service:

Run this command.
/volume1/@appstore/product name/.obm/bin/