Index.db is in use


The error index.db is in use is constantly shown at the start of the backup.
The backup always fails.


The file index.db is locked by the OS. This is a file our software uses to index the data in the backup set.
We usually see this error when a backup terminates unexpectedly. The causes can be when a user cancels a backup, a system goes offline (is switched off without warning), VSS has failed on Windows systems, or the system being backed-up runs out of disk space.
Non-Windows systems which don’t use VSS will often keep a file locked and not release it.


  1. Resolve any local environmental issues such as low disk space or RAM.
  2. Log the user off and on again.
  3. Reboot the device.
  4. Delete the temp folder containing the index file. The locations for Windows and macOS are shown below.



This is an OS issue and not a BOBcloud issue. If the problem persists, check your OS logs for the reason why