Invalid byte 1 of 1-byte UTF-8 sequence


The following error is shown when the Ahsay backup software is launched.



This is often seen when multiple Windows users have logged in and accessed the backup software. Doing so will create a copy of the backup config in a user’s profile in c:\users\username\ .obm that must be deleted or renamed.


  1. Log into Windows and make a copy of c:\users\username\ .obm from a user that has previously used the backup software.
    **It is very important that the folder is copied and NOT DELETED because it contains the backup set encryption passwords. These are never transmitted to us, and you will need these files if you have forgotten the backup set encryption passwords.
  2. Rename the other instances of this folder from the other Windows user profiles c:\users\username\ .obm
  3. Open the backup software and this time it should let you log in and then ask you to enter the encryption passwords for each backup set. You must enter the correct encryption key for each backup set to regain access to them.

The issue should now be resolved, and the backups can be resumed. We recommend you try a test restore as soon as you can to ensure the encryption passwords are correct.