Real time Dashboard - get live updates

Are you using your real-time Dashboard?

Did you know there is a real-time dashboard that displays the status of all your backup sets and the version of BOBcloud used on each device?

The real-time dashboard is outside of the Reseller dashboard, and you must enable it. This takes less than a minute.

The system has been in place since 2015, so this might be just a reminder to you.

Benefits of the Dashboard

  • View the live status of all your backup sets (Success, Failed, and Missed)
  • Click on any backup set to view the logs
  • View the versions of the backup software on any device

How to access and use your real-time dashboard

Using an Admin account, log into the Reseller portal as usual

Click on Management \ Manage Dashboards


The dashboard page will load. If you see a URL on the page, that means you already have a dashboard and can click on the link to start using it.

If you don’t already have a dashboard configured, simply create one using the basic options.

The real-time dashboard will load in overview mode and refresh automatically. Click on any backup set and drill down into the reports and logs to analyse errors (Operator Login required).