Rebrand requirements

If you have ordered the rebrand service from White Label your Cloud Storage Service - BOBcloud \ Ahsay, please send us the following information.

  1. Your logo. There is no specific size we need, however, it should be a typical logo size of 300 - 500 pixels wide.
    Your logo will be shown in the backup email alerts sent to your customers and in the web-based reports in the portal.

  2. Your company’s email address will be displayed in the sender and reply to fields. This will normally be something like

Because our system will be sending emails using your domain name, they might be flagged as SPAM. This is a normal response when a system not associated with your domain sends an email.

This can be resolved by adding an SPF record to your domain. If you don’t know how to do this, these tech docs will help you automatically create one.

How to create an SPF record (the IPv4 address our service sends from is - SPF Record Generator - MxToolBox
How to check your SPF record - SPF Check & SPF Lookup - Sender Policy Framework (SPF) - MxToolBox

We supply this service as is and reserve the right to make future changes when our suppliers do.