Restore error - Delta File is corrupt (GC overhead limit exceeded)

During restore on version 6 you might have this error ‘Delta File is corrupt (GC overhead limit exceeded)’.

When you restore a backup, there will be the delta \ incremental files which need to be stitched into the last full backup and this will require resources on your device.
There is a setting on all backups named ‘In-File Delta’ and this dictates how many incremental backups should accompany a full backup. The default setting is '100 'which means the system will take 100 incremental backups and store them before forcing another full backup. This setting can be modified.

This error is ‘Delta File is corrupt (GC overhead limit exceeded)’ means the device running the restore has run out of Java Heap space and needs to be increased.

The exact same error is also seen when backing up large data sets and the fix can be viewed here - viewtopic.php?f=45&t=360&p=412&hilit=heap#p412

Ahsay OBM \ ACB version 6