Unable to open server file list during backup


You might see an error similar to the ones below.

[h] Unable to open server file list, “C:\Users\username\temp\1111111111111\Predefined@-1111111111111\index\index.b2b” is in use by another application.[h] Unable to open

[BackupSetIndex.closeIndex] Unable to close C:\Users\username\temp\1111111111111\Predefined@-1111111111111\index\index.b2b. Error=[BlockDB.close] Failed to close table


The backup software on your device is open and is on a backup job edit or restore page. This locks the database file and prevents backups and restores from running.


Close the BOBcloud \ Ahsay backup software on your device and try the action again.
If the error persists, update the BOBcloud software on your device from the customer’s page within your reseller portal https://portal.data-stor.net

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