Using Wasabi as a BOBcloud predefined destination

How to use Wasabi as a backup destination using BOBcloud

Create your accounts on our portal as usual and open the BOBcloud software on your device.

  1. Add a new backup set

  1. Select the backup source

  1. Our Azure destination might be pre-configured on your account. If so, it will need to be removed if you don’t want to store your backed-up data with us.

  2. If necessary, remove the embedded BOBcloud destination by double-clicking on it.

Delete our destination (bottom left).
If you have any data on our destination, it will be deleted and purged immediately. We won’t be able to restore it.


  1. Add a new destination
    Afterwards, you will return to the Destination page.
    Click on the + sign to add the BOBcloud on Wasabi (EU region) destination.
    You can also choose any other Wasabi or Azure region.



  1. Continue creating the backup set and run the backup.

  2. That is it. You are now backing up securely to our instance of Wasabi and we will bill for the data you store there.

Use our calculator to estimate your costs