What does "Includes initial payment" mean on invoices?

You will see Initial payment the first time we invoice for a new account or an added module on an existing account. This means the license will be billed twice.

Why we do this

This change has been made in response to reseller feedback over the years.

Quick answer:
The Initial payment allows you to terminate any account after the first invoice without need to serve a termination period.

Long answer:
If a customer of a reseller (you) goes out of business, the reseller cannot get paid for the service we have provided because we invoice 30 days in arrears. This has caused conflict where we are still billing for an account even though the end-user won’t pay for it. In effect, it leaves the reseller out of pocket.

We double bill for licenses during their first month and that removes the termination period requirements.

We DON’T double bill for storage used.