What happens if my internet connection is lost during a backup?

Hi @Support-Tech1,

I’m a new BobCloud backup user and I have a question. I started a backup but suddenly my internet connection went out. What happens to my backup now? Will the backup resume automatically when the connection is restored, or do I need to do something manually? And if the backup can’t resume, what happens to the data that was already backed up before the connection was lost?

I’m a bit confused and would appreciate any guidance you can offer. Thanks in advance!


The backup will resume when the internet connection is re-established. It won’t time out fully for at least 30 minutes and will retry periodically.

If the backup fails, only the last chunk of data will be lost. The backup will resume from where it left off previously. This is called chunking and allows the backup to back up any size of file without starting from scratch each time.


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