What is the maximum size of a file that can be backed up?


I’ve got a question about BobCloud Backup. So, I’m an architect and I have tons of data - we’re talking TBs of it. Some of my building files are in point cloud format and they’re huge, like each file in 300GB to 500GB in sizes and more. I’m worried that I might encounter some errors during or at the end of the backup process because of the large file sizes.

So, what’s the maximum size of a file that I can back up without running into any issues? I would really appreciate any help or advice you guys can give me.



There isn’t a limit on the size of the file you can back up. We back up large files >5TB from our servers to Wasabi every week.
When you back up any file, it is chunked into much smaller sizes, compressed and encrypted before being sent to your chosen storage location.

Performing periodic test restores is one fixed rule that applies to all your backup set sets.

These confirm the following:

  1. You know the encryption password.
  2. Your source selections are correctly configured to back up your critical files. It is surprising how often data is moved around devices, volume and folders and is no longer protected by being included in the source selection. Sadly, these errors aren’t noticed until the data is restored.
  3. You can actually restore the data and access it afterwards. Files can be encrypted following a ransomware attack and not realised until they need to be restored.

Out of interest, how big is the file you want to restore? If you reach out to us, we can help you back it up and check it can be restored.