What is the recommended frequency for backing up my data?

I have a lot of important files and documents that I can’t afford to lose. However, I’m also conscious about the cost of storage. I want to strike a balance between ensuring my data is secure and minimizing expenses.

I’ve heard different recommendations, some suggesting daily backups while others mentioning weekly or even monthly backups. I’m not sure which option would be best for me in terms of both data protection and cost-effectiveness.

Appreciate any advice Thanks


It is a great question and asked a lot.

There is no definitive answer, depending on you or your customer’s requirements.

If your server has standard office files, then a daily backup is normally OK.

Suppose you have a sales spreadsheet updated from an e-commerce platform every few minutes. You might consider backing it up hourly or using Continuous Data Protection (CDP). CDP is great, but it will load an IO work process on your server’s disk with a VSS snapshot. Therefore, it shouldn’t be run more frequently than every 15 minutes. This also depends on the speed of your server and its disks (SDD or SATA will force different policies).

A less-frequently backup, such as bare-metal or system state could be run once per week. Again, this is dependent on your requirements.

If you can contact us on the support email, we can ask some leading questions and help you make the right decision.