Backup locations missing

I have just created a new backup account in our reseller portal and installed the client software on the server hosting the Hyper-V machines we want to backup. When I create the backup task the only destination I can select is local storage, no other locations are available in the drop-down list.


It’s been a while since I created a new account, but I don’t recall doing anything different when I last added a customer. Can you please advise if I’m missing something?



We’re not sure why this would happen if you are using a reseller account. It is possible this might happen if you create a trial within the desktop software because it won’t pick up your reseller environment. Some resellers have specific environments without cloud destinations.

If there is nothing obvious, please send an email to with the backup account ID so we can check.

I’ve just checked our reseller portal and have now noticed that this account is shown as a trial. The customer has now asked us to pause implementation so we will be deleting this account anyway.

Thanks for your help

Thanks for the reply.

The customer now wants to proceed with so I have restarted the process.

I have added them as a customer via our Reseller portal and the account is still showing as a trial and I can’t see how to change this. Can you please advise where I am going wrong?

The customer name is

Could you please also provide the link and instructions for the Synology client?



The customer has been added with a slightly different name, so its trial has started with the new account.

The Synology installation tech doc can be viewed from the link below. Page 2 explains how to add the license. This must be done instead in the Reseller portal at
here -

The Synology module can be installed directly from the link below. I have also pasted the links corresponding to your SPK version on the NAS below.

If you require help with this, please get in touch with us directly on

Please copy and paste the following URL information into the “URL” text field during the installation

Hi. I’ve installed the Synology client and scheduled a daily backup. It was initially failing due I believe to the NAS requiring a restart, since the restart the backup has run but is now showing thousands of errors as shown below:

[OnShallUpload_Watcher] Failed to handle new file, sPath=/volume1/Staff_Profiles/tyoung53.313.V2/AppData/Roaming/Promethean/ActivInspire/UserProfile/Program Settings/ Reason=[SQLiteException] [SQLITE_FULL] Insertion failed because database is full (database or disk is full)

Can you please advise?



Please check there is sufficient free space in /root/temp

If that isn’t the cause, please send us the logs shown in this tech doc to
This helps us identify the issue without sharing any personal data here.


Apologies for the slow reply. Following this error I checked the NAS and was unable to logon as the system drive was full, this has now been resolved and I will amend the temp file location away from the system volume.


Great to hear this works. Thank you for sharing.