Backups report 'Failed to upload file' on Ahsay v7 (desktop and server)



Some backups running on v7 of Ahsay, where available upload bandwidth is less than 400Kbps may experience this issue when a backup fails Failed to upload file “1234567891234/blocks/2018-06-29-20-00-00/0/file.bak”, will retry after 30 seconds (# of retry: 1/10)

This is an ongoing issue Ahsay are working on and they have provided the following workaround.
This involves restricting the number of blocks v7 will attempt to upload in one go.

v6 is not affected by this issue.


  1. For a server, stop server services in services.msc
    For a desktop, stop desktop services in services.msc

  2. Kill SystemTray(64).exe

  3. Close the backup Interface bJW.exe

  4. For a server, add the following debug flag to C:\Program Files\serverbackup\cb.opt
    For a desktop, add the following debug flag to C:\Program Files\desktopbackup\cb.opt


  1. Start the Windows service you previously stopped in step 1.

  2. Open the backup software and submit the backup.


This is an ongoing issue and we would appreciate any feedback.