Can we seed the backup from another location?


one of our clients has an upload speed of 0.5Mbps and 60Gb of data to backup, this will obviously take ages, is there any way we can seed the backup from our site (200Mbps) and then just sync the changes each night?


We can SEED this for you. There is a cost because we send you the disk and do everything for you. It isn’t possible for you to upload directly to our Azure destination.

As long as the daily changes are minimal and the .5 Mbps upload is constant, you should be OK.

This would be unworkable if the backups are large, i.e. system state, VMware etc. We can look at this in more detail and check your customer’s server beforehand.

Contact us on first.

It’s just a simple file backup and there should be minimal changes day to day.

Can you let me know what the cost and turnaround time would be for you to seed it for us?


60GB on a 500Kbps connection with compression could upload to us in a week or less.
We recommend you try some sample data first and throttle the bandwidth to 400Kbps. Instructions can be found here (jump to version 7 halfway down the page)

Before SEEDing, we would want to have a few tests run on your customer’s connection to make sure it is persistent and can continue the backups after the SEED has finished.