Change log v9.7.2.20 (February 2024)

This version has been pushed out to all existing accounts.
All new accounts created since 07/01/2024 will be running this version.

Synology NAS, QNAP NAS, Linux, and macOS will not automatically update. Contact us if you need assistance updating these or if any of your other devices still need to be updated.

Auto updates

If your Operating System is no longer supported by the respective vendor (Microsoft, Apple, Linux, etc.), the auto-update won’t work.

In these instances, a manual upgrade must be done on your device.

How to check which version of BOBcloud your devices are using
How to upgrade the software on your devices

Software and Hardware we support

This article relates to the software we use Ahsay 9

Operating Systems and Databases supported

AhsayOBM is a server OS
AhsayACB is a desktop OS

New features

New Operating Systems and Applications Supported

  • macOS Sonoma (version 14)
  • Support for Ubuntu (versions 22 and 23)
  • Support for Debian (version 12)

Microsoft 365 (Exchange email, SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams)

  • Add Search function in Restore UI for M365 Backupsets
  • Restore Performance Tuning for Document versioning
  • Backup Performance Tuning for Sharepoint Sites & Email
  • Restore Performance Tuning for Sharepoint
  • Support for M365 Archive Mailbox

Backup Destinations

  • Enhanced exception handling for Backblaze Destination
  • Support Immutable Storage mode (WORM) on S3 Destination. NOT for BOBcloud predefined storage destinations
  • Support adding existing Azure container as a destination


No new changes


  • Support for VMware WorkStation (version 17)
  • Removed SFTP/SSH connection for VMware ESXi / vCenter Backupsets
  • Support for ESXi Server 8 and vCenter Server (version 8)

Synology and QNAP NAS devices

  • Support for QNAP QTS 5.1.1
  • Enhanced QNAP Online Installer
  • Support for Synology Intel Atom CE Series (Evansport)
  • Add a helper message for granting permission in Synology
  • Include all Application Binaries for QNAP OBM Installer (Offline Installer)
  • Support for Synology DSM 7.2


  • Support for enforced automatic time-out if the account is idle for “x” time
  • Support for Immutable Backup
  • Bundled Tomcat 8.5.87

Microsoft SQL

No new changes

MariaDB / MySQL

  • Enhanced MariaDB & MySQL Backup Mechanism - Stream Data directly to Backup Destination
  • MariaDB & MySQL Backup size significantly increased

Cloud files

No new changes

MS Exchange (Mail-Level)

No new changes

File Backup

No new changes


No new changes


No new changes

Supported Synology Devices
Supported QNAP Devices