How to update our software (Ahsay OBM \ ACB)



All backup accounts are node-locked to our backup clusters and it is likely your backup accounts will be spread across 2 or more clusters.

This doesn’t affect how your backups work, but it is a consideration should you need to reinstall our software.

QNAP and Synology modules aren’t available directly from the portal. Contact us for an update to these modules (we need to know the backup account name).

Do you need to upgrade?

We recommend all version 7 accounts are upgraded to version 8.
Version 8 is a major release that has improved error checking which can reduce backup sizes and will check the integrity of existing and future data stored on our service.

It isn’t necessary to upgrade within major releases unless a specific error you are experiencing is shown in our changelog.

Our changelog can be viewed here - BOBcloud Pro and Your Storage (v8 Ahsay) backup software change log

How to update the backup software on your devices

  1. Log into the reseller portal at

  2. Go to Customers \ View Backup Customers. This displays all your customers.
    In the top right there is a grid icon that hides columns. You can edit this to display the required information.

  3. Click on any customer in the first column Customer Name

  4. On the right of the screen, you will see the Server name. This example confirms the backup cluster \ server is

  5. There is also a Download link.
    When clicked, the download page will show the software options available to the customer type.

The download page can be shared and doesn’t require a login. That is useful if you want to download the software on other devices without logging into your BOBcloud account.



Only install the download on other devices that are on the same cluster (see step 4).
if an account is on another cluster, download the software from their customer page (step 5).

Installing the update

a) Stop all backups and restores.
b) Close our software.
c) Double click the update and install it over the top of the existing installation. The installation will remove the previous version and preserve your settings.

If you are upgrading from version 7 to version 8, the backed-up data on our platform will be converted to the latest version.