How to run a validation \ data integrity check on Ahsay v7



This tech doc explains how to run a data integrity check on your backed-up data. There are numerous Ahsay error codes which might require a data integrity check to be run, or you might want to check the reports size of storage is correct.


To perform a data integrity check, login to our backup software on your device where the backup is running from.

  1. Click on the Utilities box

  1. Select the backup job you want to repair from the dropdown menu and then select the backup destination from the dropdown menu.
  • Don’t select CRC because that might not be necessary and will take a long time to run on larger data sets.
  • If the CRC (Cycle Redundancy Check) box is ticked, backed-up data will be streamed from the backup destination (e.g. the cloud storage location), to the client computer during the CRC check. This will increase the time taken by the check and may impact on your internet bandwidth.

If this doesn’t resolve the issue, re-run the repair and select CRC

  1. Press Start


A data integrity check cannot be started if the backup job you are trying to repair is running. We recommend you temporarily disable the backup schedule to ensure the backup job doesn't start whilst the data integrity check is running.

The following error message is displayed when the data integrity check has successfully finished.

A data integrity check can take between a few hours or days if you have 2TB + of backed-up data and are running a CRC check.

The time required to complete a data check depends on number of factors such as the number of files/folders in the backup set(s), bandwidth available on the client computer, the hardware specifications of the client computer such as the disk I/O and CPU performance, and if there are other resource-intensive jobs running.

Ahsay OBM and ACB version 7
Failed to initialize RemoteBDB.Cloud. Error=[BlockDBConfig.readConfig] unknown default path for creating new journal file config: 0, caused by [RuntimeException] [BlockDBConfig.readConfig] unknown default path for creating new journal file config: 0
Unable to do Offsite backup, Error= [BlockDB.init] Error initializing bptree

'Error=[BlockDB.close] Failed to close table'