The program bJW.exe stopped interacting with Windows and was closed


bJW.exe is the executable file used by the backup software.
The first indication the file has terminated is when the backup misses its schedule.

This error can be seen after an update has been pushed out from our service which hasn’t installed correctly.


  1. Disable the antivirus and security software from scanning these folders:
    C:\Program Files\serverbackup
    C:\Program Files\serverbackup NFS

If your installation is using the desktop version, substitute serverbackup for desktopbackup

  1. Download the installation file from the reseller portal and install over the top of the existing installation. Wait until any running backups and restores have finished.

This tech doc explains how to locate and download the software required:

  1. If the issue persists, send us the crash log from the installation folder ‘C:\Program Files\serverbackup\hs_err_pid.log’, and the Windows Event Logs (Application & System)