Misc. backup errors

Resolving miscellaneous backup errors

Sometimes backups fail for no obvious reason and the following can help in resolving these issues.

Unexplained file access errors

These can be caused by locked or inaccessible files on your device, and the resulting error might not be shown in the logs. A good example of this is when a backup set hangs or stalls for no reason.

We recommend excluding your security and antivirus software from scanning these folders:
C:\Program Files\serverbackup

C:\Program Files\desktopbackup

Disk hardware or access errors

  1. Check in the Windows event logs if there are any disk or VSS errors on your server.
  2. If any errors are found, run an offline disk check, and defrag.

If a backup set hangs, this tech doc explains how to force it to stop How to stop a running or stalled backup